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Real Madrid players' salaries leaked

We know the Galaticos at Real Madrid make truckloads of money.

Well, we didn’t know that they make enough to make grown men weep.

Spanish based newspaper Mundo Deportivo has recently released the salaries of the Real players.

In total, 22 of its players, which somehow left out Isco, accounted for an annual wage bill of 97.8 million euros (S$147 million).


And yes, those figures are after tax.

Read them and weep.

Top earner Cristiano Ronaldo's salary accounted for one-sixth of the total wages Real paid to these players.

If you're done crying, here's a break down of what Ronaldo's salary alone can get you.

Not too shabby considering Real won squat last season...

Source: Mundo Deportivo via Twitter, The Sport Bible

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