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Ronaldinho in financial trouble

A court in southern Brazil has forbidden ex-Barcelona attacker Ronaldinho from selling 57 of his real estate properties due to an unpaid environmental fine and other debts, a Brazilian newspaper reported yesterday.

The Folha de S.Paulo daily said the former Ballon d'Or winner owes 9.5 million reals (S$3.4 m) in unpaid environmental fines after illegally building a pier at his lake house in Porto Alegre.

Creditors have also taken action to recover 7.8 million reals in other debts, Folha de S.Paulo said.

Authorities have confiscated Ronaldinho's passport until the cases are resolved, the newspaper added.

The judge told Reuters the case fell under judicial secrecy rules and would not confirm or deny any details about the newspaper report.

Ronaldinho's lawyer told Folha de S.Paulo he could not comment on the details of the case because of the judicial secrecy ruling. - REUTERS