Scare for Zlatan after live grenade found under Swedish star's home

The man behind the famous “Dare to Zlatan” catchphrase has been given a huge scare.

Italian news organisation Sport Mediaset has reported that police are investigating an incident where a live grenade was found under Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s house in Sweden.

The ordinance was found at the Paris Saint-Germain striker’s residence in his native Malmo.

It is understood that no members of the 33-year-old’s family were at the location when the grenade was discovered.

Anger over hunting

Sport Mediaset has suggested that the explosive device could have been placed there by animal rights campaigners after the Swede controversially killed an elk during the Christmas period.

Hunting is legal in Sweden but Ibrahimovic’s actions, which were given front page billing by Swedish newspaper Expressen, was not very well-received by some.

Camilla Bjoerkbom of Sweden’s Animal Rights’ Union told the publication then: “It is always problematic when famous people do things like that, because then it looks like they support this type of activities.”

Ibrahimovic has previously spoken of his passion for hunting and has appeared in an advertisement for Volvo aiming his rifle at a moose.

Source: Sport Mediaset via Metro, Expressen via The Guardian

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