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Supermart gives Liverpool troll a taste of his own medicine

This real-life case shows just why the North and South don't get along.

The enmity is not due to historical or cultural divides but something more important than life or death. Yes, we're talking about football.

A snarky Liverpool fan got a taste of his own medicine after he was mercilessly mocked by British supermarket chain Tesco on Twitter.

The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @Morenology, thought it would be a good idea to take a swipe at Chelsea fans.

How? By sending a fake complaint to Tesco.

The tweet was attended to by Imran, who innocently asked:

@Morenology then revealed this Photoshopped image of a Chelsea badge on a pack of cheese.

However, Mike from Tesco wasn't going to let @Morenology off scot-free.


Other Twitter users, including a few of @Morenology's fellow Liverpool fans, thought he got his just desserts.




Well played, Mike, well played.

Source: Twitter via Daily Telegraph

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