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Was Brendan Rodgers the baseball player sacked too?

This is what happens when you have the same name as Brendan Rodgers.

A 19-year old American boy, who plays for baseball team Colorado Rockies, shares the sacked Liverpool manager’s name.

Fans who took to Twitter actually sent condolence messages to the baseball player, instead of the Northern Irishman, who doesn’t have a Twitter account.

This prompted him to send out a message clarifying that they had got the wrong Brendan Rodgers.

And even then, some people on Twitter sent follow-up messages, thinking that he was stating that he was no longer the Liverpool manager.

Looks like he isn’t the only one suffering the consequences of the Reds’ misfortunes.

Ironically, Rodgers, the baseball player, started off as a soccer player.

In an interview with Baseball America it was revealed that he came from a soccer family, where both of his brothers played the sport and his dad, Greg, was also a coach.

But Brendan found his passion for baseball instead.


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