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WATCH: Footballer carries time-waster off the pitch

Ever been irritated with opposing players going down with cramp or an injury while your team is desperately searching for that crucial equaliser or winning goal?

Al Ahly’s Saad Samir seems to have found a novel solution.

With his team thick in the Egyptian title race, Samir’s team was tied 1-1 with El Gounah — and chasing a late winner.

But inevitably, an El Gounah player went down with what appeared to be cramp.

Samir graciously helped him stretch his leg, and when that didn’t seem to speed up his recovery, he lifted him up and placed him outside the field of play so that he could continue receiving treatment and the game could resume.

Watch the video below and check out the “injured” player’s shocked reaction.



Despite the player's best attempt to continue on with the game, Al Ahly could not find the winner and was held to a 1-1 draw.

Source: Mirror Online

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