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Watch out Jose! No-nonsense rugby ref wants to officiate football game

A rugby union official would like to take charge of a football game and lay down the law on misbehaving players — and managers such as Jose Mourinho.

Welshman Nigel Owens believes that a dose of officiating from rugby referees will go some way to correct "unacceptable behaviour" from errant footballers and managers.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Owens said: "I'd love to give refereeing football a go. I'm afraid they'd be down to five-a-side before half-time.

"If you had coaches in rugby having a go at referees like Jose Mourinho and some others do, they'd be dealt with more firmly."

It's probably not very surprising that Mourinho would be name-dropped by Owens.

While he has a reputation for being a brilliant tactician, the Chelsea boss is also known for his abrasive manner and touchline antics.

The Portuguese is no stranger to being banished to the stands by referees for his vociferous touchline protests and was fined in January for bringing the game into disrepute when he claimed English Premier League referees had a "campaign against Chelsea.

However, it seems that Owens could actually be the man to get Mourinho to tone down, given the way he handles rugby players.

Owens, who is set to referee at his third Rugby World Cup tournament which starts this Friday (Sept 18), is known for his firm handling of rugby players.

The Welshman, aged 44, is also well known for coming out to announce he is gay in 2007, despite being in a very heterosexual and masculine world of rugby.


Source: BBC, Belfast Telegraph

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