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Watch: Women give men a lesson in football

You might want to think twice the next time you tell your mate that he plays like a girl.

Freestyle footballers Raquel Benetti and Alice Fougeray went undercover to a men’s practice match, and gave the guys a footballing lesson.

Raquel Benetti (left) and Alice Fougeray (right) with the host of PHOTO: YOUTUBE/MAXMAN.TV

They were doing it for YouTube channel, reported the Mirror.

Out came the flicks and tricks to humiliate the guys.





While the disguises — Fougeray as an old lady and Benetti as a girl in a sexy red cut-out dress — lacked the sophistication of Cristiano Ronaldo’s when he pulled off his own street football masterclass in Madrid earlier this week, the skills certainly matched up.

Here's the full video.



Source: YouTube, Mirror

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