Footballers who dressed as paedophile and young girl now face punishment

Two players at Australian Rules club Melbourne Demons are likely to be disciplined after a dress-up session.

Their characters of choice?

One was disgraced children’s entertainer and convicted paedophile Rolf Harris while the other posed as a young girl during “Mad Monday” celebrations.

“Mad Monday” is a traditional day of celebration for Australian athletes as the season ends. Merrymaking often involves heavy consumption of alcohol, frequently damaging the image of teams and leagues.

A photo posted on Instagram yesterday showed Dean Terlich dressed as Harris - who was sentenced to almost six years in jail for child abuse in July.

The other, Alex Georgiou, donned a dress and a wig with pig-tails.

Dean Terlich and teammate Alex Georgiou appear to be dressed as Rolf Harris and a young girl. Photo: Twitter

“I find it hard to believe a couple of players could turn up like that and as a footy club, we are completely unhappy with their behaviour,” Melbourne coach Paul Roos told a news conference on Tuesday.

“It’s unacceptable and we unreservedly apologise to anyone that we have offended.”

Roos said the club had yet to determine the exact punishment but indicated it may involve an education programme.

“I was just speechless,” Roos added. “The problem with days like yesterday is they just don’t think....

“Some people take the view ‘boys will be boys’, I don’t take that view, it’s just unnacceptable.”

Previous unsavoury Mad Monday cases include former Australia rugby league winger Joel Monaghan being sacked by his club Canberra Raiders in 2010 - after a photograph of the player simulating a sex act with a dog was posted on the Internet. - Reuters