RACE 1   KS-D D2 6.20  
 -1200m Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 3280-6 All My Way 58 (52) L Allpress 7 (5ag HW Tan-Calvin Koh)

2 149060 Oriental Pearl 58 (52) I Santana 6 (4nzg M Clements-Florida)

3 -31976 Premier Grade 58 (52) B Vorster 5 (6argg P Shaw-MMP)

4 21209 Southern General 58 (52) YF Leong 10 (3nzg Leslie Khoo-TLS)

5 145817 Zac Heaven 58 (51) M Nunes 8 (6ag M Walker-Zac)

6 754535 Captain McCaw 56.5 (50) C Brown 11 (4eg L Laxon-Justice Goddard&Silver Fern)

7 0-6502 King Of Koon 56.5 (46) Richard Lim 4 (5nzg Desmond Koh-BG)

8 0-0190 Hooper 55 (45) J See* c3 2 (5ag C Brown-Oscar Racing)

9 6070-0 Sacred Crown 55 (44) KB Soo 1 (4ag M Yusof-Loyalty's)

10 497417 Stride Meteor 53.5 (40) A Munro 3 (7ag L Dragon-L Dragon)

11 600-0- Pistol Dawn 53.5 (37) M Suhaimi c1 9 (5ag J O'Hara-Christopher G)

  RACE 2   IP 6.50  
 -1000m Stakes: $65,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 5 Appreciation 57.5 (-) HK Cheng c1 1 (4nzg Sam Chua-Mawen Racing)

2 08 Panama City 57.5 (-) O Chavez 9 (4ag ZL Mok-Marvel)

3Zedkaar 57.5 (-) R Zawari* c3 10 (4nzg M Clements-Christopher G)

4 69-343 Windsor Knot 56 (45) E Aslam c1 4 (4am B Dean-Christopher G)

5 99 Rapture 56 (-) L Allpress 8 (4nzm M Clements-M Clements)

6 2-02 Black Fiery 54.5 (49) I Saifudin 12 (3ag T Kieser-RX)

7 000 Magic Dragon 54.5 (44) M Kellady c1 7 (3nzg T Kieser-BH Ho)

8 --795- Overpower 54.5 (44) M Suhaimi c1 3 (3ag B Dean-Christopher G)

9 96 Ace Rich 54.5 (-) TK Barnabas* c4 2 (3ag M Clements-Christopher G)

10Rainbow Star 54.5 (-) M Zaki c1 5 (3ag S Yeoh-YS Teo)

11Victory Achiever 54.5 (-) C Brown 11 (3nzg L Laxon-Nestor Racing)

12 64 Winning Star 54.5 (-) D Chee 6 (3nzg Leslie Khoo-Trend)

  RACE 3   C4 7.20  
 -1700m Stakes: $55,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 264165 Bowie Knife 58 (60) A Munro 4 (8jpnh H Takaoka-West Forest)

2 753000 Irish Flash 55.5 (55) M Nunes 3 (6amg B Dean-Hippocrates)

3 8691-8 Saint Valley 51.5 (47) R Shafiq* c1 6 (6jpng H Takaoka-Samurai)

4 950694 Brilliant Power 51 (46) V Leal 2 (5nzg Sam Chua-Platinum Racing)

5 694-72 Incredible Hulk 50.5 (45) I Santana 5 (9amg ZL Mok-Cananot)

6 151849 Royal Brat 50 (44) B Vorster 1 (7ag D Hill-Middle Kingdom)

  RACE 4   KS-D D1 7.50  
 -1200m Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 6-2816 Tropical Forest 58 (55) O Chavez 8 (7ag HW Tan-HW Tan)

2 711225 Hopkins 58 (54) M Nunes 11 (8nzg L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

3 10-98- Ravoux 58 (53) L Allpress 6 (6ag S Gray-N'five Emperor)

4 96-203 All Serene 56.5 (50) A Munro 12 (5ag C Brown-Happiness Come)

5 185797 Golden Knight 56.5 (49) D Flores 1 (3ag J O'Hara-APS Racing)

6 253234 Cool Cat 56.5 (48) I Santana 10 (8ireg D Hill-Ace-In-The-Hole)

7 366621 Solid Wood 56.5 (46) S Noh* c3 3 (8ag ZL Mok-Sharon No.2)

8 477116 Vitalico 56.5 (46) R Shafiq* c1 5 (8nzg M Walker-Remarkable)

9 -36456 Sugartime Jazz 55 (45) E Aslam c1 7 (4ag B Dean-CW Ng)

10 625222 Rapid Rewards 55 (44) J Powell 9 (6nzg L Dragon-Rapido Boy)

11 6910-6 Volkov 55 (43) YF Leong 4 (7ag Leslie Khoo-KB Teng)

12 956370 So Free Now 53.5 (40) KB Soo 2 (4ag M Yusof-Loyalty's)

  RACE 5   Novice 8.20  
 -1100m Stakes: $65,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 367494 Sacred City 58 (55) KB Soo 9 (5ag M Yusof-Loyalty's)

2 -0--21 Final Countdown 58 (49) A Munro 2 (4nzg L Dragon-Sky)

3 -1 Blue Diamond 55 (55) D Beasley 5 (3ag T Kieser-Blue Diamond)

4 1 Mia 55 (55) C Brown 6 (3nzg L Laxon-SH Lim)

5 52-1 Sure Win 55 (54) M Nunes 10 (3nzg M Freedman-Yourstokeep)

6 -213-4 Balestra 55 (53) M Suhaimi c1 1 (3ag B Dean-Christopher G)

7 -006 Dauntless Knights 55 (44) Z Zuriman* c2 4 (5ag RB Marsh-TH Law)

8 - Dragon Perk 55 (-) J Powell 3 (4ag S Baertschiger-Christopher G)

9 07 Super Lucky Power 55 (-) I Saifudin 8 (5ag ZL Mok-Calvin Koh)

10Warisan 55 (-) I Santana 7 (5amg J O'Hara-Peach Garden)

  RACE 6   C3 8.50  
 -1100m Stakes: $75,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 111358 Superb Success 57 (70) S John 8 (6ag RB Marsh-TH Law)

2 769550 Cash Dot Com 56.5 (69) D Flores 10 (6ag Desmond Koh-Arowana)

3 568818 Tim 56.5 (69) Z Zuriman* c2 5 (4nzg L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

4 762631 Seligi 55.5 (67) D Beasley 2 (8ag S Baertschiger-MA Racing)

5 3926-7 BM Win 55 (66) WS Chan* c4 6 (5amg Sam Chua-BM Win)

6 21-598 Princess Sarah 55 (66) YF Leong 7 (7am HK Tan-Hang Tuah)

7 769746 Southern Boss 54 (64) J See* c3 9 (4ag Desmond Koh-Southern)

8 -40358 Super Good 53.5 (63) B Vorster 3 (4nzg M Freedman-Joy N Happiness)

9 611677 Duty Free 53 (62) I Saifudin 1 (6nzg J O'Hara-Rake Racing)

10 483321 Media Captain 53 (62) A Munro 4 (5ag C Brown-Arexevan-Media Captain)

11 45--23 Bigdinero 52.5 (61) M Suhaimi c1 11 (5ag J O'Hara-Christopher G)

  RACE 7   KS-D 9.20  
 -1600m Stakes: $35,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 -01160 Affirmation 58 (53) M Nunes 1 (7nzg M Walker-Te Akau Racing)

2 126770 Casino King 58 (53) B Vorster 6 (4ag P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

3 98207- Marcusino 58 (53) D Beasley 5 (6argg P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

4 7075 No Nonsense 58 (52) C Brown 10 (4nzg M Walker-Te Akau Racing)

5 522222 Serpico 58 (52) S Noh* c3 12 (3nzg M Freedman-Quicksilver)

6 227253 Stage Bright 56.5 (50) A Munro 11 (6jpng H Takaoka-Brighton)

7 3-9-17 Face Off 56.5 (49) O Chavez 2 (6ag Desmond Koh-Mdm PF Luwee)

8 340098 American Vision 56.5 (46) V Leal 9 (5amg Sam Chua-Gladiator)

9 47-071 Faithful Warrior 56.5 (46) YF Leong 4 (5nzg HK Tan-Faithful Warrior)

10 -56807 Storm Arc 53.5 (38) I Saifudin 7 (6nzg L Dragon-Flash Racing)

11 --1700 Legacy 50.5 (27) TK Barnabas* c4 3 (8ag J O'Hara-Christopher G)

12 -09-9- Who Els 49 (22) M Suhaimi c1 8 (8ag J O'Hara-Christopher G)

  RACE 8   KS-A 9.50  
 -1100m Stakes: $125,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 54-97- Yin Xin 58 (103) D Beasley 6 (6nzg T Kieser-Tarsus)

2 53-261 Huka Falls 58 (102) C Brown 5 (4nzg L Laxon-Silver Fern R & Brent Gil)

3 3-779- Valevole 53.5 (89) B Vorster 9 (5brzg P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

4 202100 Rapido Star 53.5 (88) A Munro 8 (6amh L Dragon-Rapido Boy)

5 282520 Congo Zandor 53.5 (85) TH Koh* c2 2 (6ag Desmond Koh-Desmond Koh)

6 ---5-0 My Son 53.5 (85) K A'Isisuhairi* c1 10 (7ag P Shaw-Bernard Kantor)

7 111-82 Pioneer Seven 52 (83) M Nunes 1 (4ag ZL Mok-TS Chionh)

8 -35735 Texan Takeover 52 (81) L Allpress 7 (5ag M Freedman-Segenhoe Stud)

9 -87778 Touch Of Gold 52 (80) O Chavez 4 (5nzg HW Tan-Oasis)

10 153-48 Ronnie Brown 50.5 (76) I Santana 3 (4nzg M Freedman-Mummify)

  RACE 9   C4 10.20  
 -1200m Stakes: $55,000  

No. Last 6 runs HORSE Wt Rating Jockey Barrier (Age/Origin/Sex, trainer-owner)

1 223211 Clutha Lad 57 (61) R Shafiq* c1 9 (4nzg M Walker-Te Akau Racing)

2 360882 U Got It 57 (61) WL Tan* c3 13 (8nzg Leslie Khoo-Leslie Khoo)

3 203861 Angry Cat 56.5 (60) D Beasley 11 (4ag HW Tan-HW Tan)

4 741354 Cheetah On Fire 56.5 (60) Z Zuriman* c2 8 (5nzg RB Marsh-Wilson Racing)

5 056016 Don Inaki 56.5 (60) B Vorster 10 (5argg P Shaw-A L A Crabbia)

6 9-1485 Splice 56.5 (60) J Powell 1 (4ag C Brown-Tarnpirr & Newbury R)

7 -27-1- Faithfully 56 (59) O Chavez 12 (3ag HW Tan-Hwa Yi)

8 433632 Movie Goer 56 (59) M Nunes 6 (6ag L Laxon-Perfectum)

9 617648 Pacino 56 (59) V Leal 5 (9nzg L Laxon-Oscar Racing)

10 645304 Primera Espada 56 (59) S Sam 7 (7ag M Walker-R Ong)

11 23-684 To Be Remembered 55.5 (58) D Flores 2 (4nzg L Laxon-Perfectum)

12 64-424 Winning Success 53.5 (54) J See* c3 4 (7ag Sam Chua-Hui Yang)

E.A13 7 Pure White 52 (51) A Munro 3 (4jpng H Takaoka-SKK)

14 -----0 Zac Velocity 51.5 (50) Unfixed 14 (8ag L Dragon-Zac)

RACE 1 (1,200M)

1 All My Way HHH Not far away in Class 4 over 1,100m last outing with support. Should go close.2 Oriental Pearl HH Reported not striding out last start. Has speed but hard to follow.3 Premier Grade HHH Excuses last start, so ignore. Recent trial good.4 Southern General HH Never sighted last start but much better than that. Could improve sharply. Watch for support.5 Zac Heaven HH Has Nunes but 1,200m tests.6 Captain McCaw HHH Blinkers on. Trialled okay, thereabouts recently and should be in the finish once again.7 King Of Koon HHH Missed start and rocketed home last start. Trialled well since.8 Hooper H Very unreliable. Won three starts back in weak Class 5.9 Sacred Crown HH Won similar race six starts back but done nothing since.10 Stride Meteor HH Won weak Class 5 over 1,100m two starts back. Must be respected form good alley.11 Pistol Dawn H Broken.

RACE 2 (1,000M)

1 Appreciation HHH Winkers on. Put in a solid debut and draw helps.2 Panama City H Needs to improve on two outings to date.3 Zedkaar HH Trialled fairly. Watch for support.4 Windsor Knot HHH Been around the mark recently behind smart ones in Stiletto and Crazy Times. Should go well.5 Rapture HH Showed speed but weakened last outing. 1,000m should suit.6 Black Fiery HHH Resumed with a solid effort this trip. Should race handy.7 Magic Dragon H Blinkers off. Distanced in all three starts.8 Overpower H Well beaten but ran on last start over 1,200m. May want further.9 Ace Rich H Runs on but wants longer.10 Rainbow Star HH Was pushed in recent trial in slow time.11 Victory Achiever HHH Won trial well enough to think he is very hard to beat in this weak field.12 Winning Star HH Blinkers off. Good effort last start and could race well in this.

RACE 3 (1,700M)

1 Bowie Knife HHH Tough 8YO who is suited in this grade. Hard to beat if right.2 Irish Flash HH Winkers off. Recent form poor but last win was this trip in Class 4. Expect improvement.3 Saint Valley HH Dour type who gets well back and runs on. Has won over 1,700m but will need a strong tempo.4 Brilliant Power HH Has been running on in recent outings.5 Incredible Hulk HHH 9YO who might like longer but gets into this with no weight and could be hard to hold out late.6 Royal Brat HHH Has the ace and no weight. Hard to pass if he gets in front easily.

RACE 4 (1,200M)

1 Tropical Forest HHH Broke a long drought two starts back and unsuited on turf last outing. Surface, distance and grade suit and should be closing late.2 Hopkins HHH Tough journeyman in form. Will be thereabouts again.3 Ravoux H Better on turf and over slightly longer.4 All Serene HHH Resumed with strong effort over 1,100m and will threaten late.5 Golden Knight H Tongue tie on, blinkers off. Resuming. Won debut but has had five unplaced runs since.6 Cool Cat HHH Placed past three Poly outings in similar company. Should threaten again.7 Solid Wood HHH On quick back-up after running on stoutly to win in Class 5 over 1,200m. Follow.8 Vitalico H Looking for Class 5 and wants longer than this.9 Sugartime Jazz H Much prefers turf and 1,400m but can run a good race on Poly.10 Rapid Rewards H Better in Class 5 but should set a solid speed before being run down late.11 Volkov HH Prefers Class 5 but speedy. Could give a lot of cheek in this.12 So Free Now H Placed three starts back in Maiden class. Better suited there.

RACE 5 (1,100M)

1 Sacred City H Yet to settle in Singapore. Has been fractious at the trials and has struck a strong field here.2 Final Countdown H Broke through last start in Class 5 but this is much tougher.3 Blue Diamond HHH Nice effort on Poly debut over 1,200m. Speedy and should give a sight.4 Mia HHH Won well in debut over 1,100m on Poly. Should be on the speed.5 Sure Win HHH Showed plenty of speed to win over 1,000m last outing and should be near the lead all the way despite wide gate.6 Balestra HH Has been running handy races against strong company. Should make presence felt from the ace.7 Dauntless Knights H Taking on a big challenge here.8 Dragon Perk H Did not show up at trials.9 Super Lucky Power H Blinkers off but will need more than that.10 Warisan H Has had numerous trials. Watch for support.

RACE 6 (1,100M)

1 Superb Success HHH Last start ordinary but switch to suitable grade and preferred surface has him under notice.2 Cash Dot Com HH Resuming after bleeding attack with cheeky run expected.3 Tim H Didn't back up good win and have to take on trust.4 Seligi HHH Turned some solid form into a strong win and pay to follow.5 BM Win HHH Going along OK and switch to this trip on the Poly in his favour. Can win.6 Princess Sarah H Form better than it reads but prefer on the turf.7 Southern Boss HH Starts can be costly but goes good enough on his day to consider in exotics.8 Super Good HHH Has been disappointing with some support this campaign but another who could win on his day.9 Duty Free HH Appreciates being back on the Poly and improves with gate one a bonus.10 Media Captain HHH Another coming off a well-deserved win and form has him right in this.11 Bigdinero HHH Keeps on showing plenty with no weight and will be doing best work late.

RACE 7 (1,600M)

1 Affirmation HHH Disappointing never to fire a shot last start but appreciates gate one and mile won't hurt.2 Casino King HH Better than what he showed last start and the company suits.3 Marcusino HH Can be hard to follow but switch to Poly should see improvement.4 No Nonsense HH Not far away last start so on the improve but wide gate an issue.5 Serpico HHH Widest draw a concern and a query on this surface but wins soon and pay to follow.6 Stage Bright HHH Yet to win in Singapore but drop back to the mile looks a good move.7 Face Off HH Did it tough last start so worth another look from gate 2.8 American Vision HHH Form starting to read badly but cheeky run expected and the type to keep safe.9 Faithful Warrior HHH Pushed hard to lead last start when winning and a repeat of the same has him going close.10 Storm Arc H Needs shorter/easier.11 Legacy HH Nothing last few but back to winning trip and surface suggests improvement at odds.12 Who Els H No.

RACE 8 (1,100M)

1 Yin Xin H Coming off a shocker and pushed to win subsequent trials. Place.2 Huka Falls HHH Carried more weight to win similar affair last start and pay to follow.3 Valevole HH Has been disappointing of late but recent trial good enough to include in exotics.4 Rapido Star HH Nothing last couple but the type to keep safe on the Poly.5 Congo Zandor H Former King Empire. Prefer to just watch first-up in Singapore after returning from Malaysia.6 My Son HH Obviously better than what he showed last start but have to take on trust.7 Pioneer Seven HHH Backed and just beaten by Huka Falls last start in similar affair and can make quick amends.8 Texan Takeover HH Hasn't won for a long time but always thereabouts.9 Touch Of Gold HH Will work into the exotic mix late.10 Ronnie Brown HHH Smart enough type resuming with nice trial under his belt and should go close with no weight.

RACE 9 (1,200M)

1 Clutha Lad HHH Backed up maiden win with a terrific effort to win this trip and grade, so have to follow.2 U Got It HHH Drawn wide but showed last start he wins soon in this class.3 Angry Cat HHH Won in slightly easier company last start but goes close again back on the Poly.4 Cheetah On Fire HHH Will get back and be the closer late at each-way value.5 Don Inaki HH Thereabouts as a rule but will need to work from wide gate.6 Splice HHH Very much appreciates solid first-up run and handicap conditions.7 Faithfully HHH Yet to win in Class 4 but last-start KSD victory good enough to follow.8 Movie Goer HHH Supported of late and looks due.9 Pacino HH Not at his best of late but the type who pops up in races like this.10 Primera Espada HH Hasn't won for a very long time but showed enough last start to follow.11 To Be Remembered HH Another who is always in the mix but long time between wins.12 Winning Success H Form good but back in distance a big concern.13 Pure White E1 HH Solid Singapore debut but should improve over longer.14 Zac Velocity E2 H Nothing last start and better on turf.

- Larry Foley is from kranjiracing.com