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Evolve helping kids in Cambodia through special initiative

The Christmas season is a time of giving and, at least for one of the top gyms in Singapore, it's a chance to share their material blessings. 

For the third straight year, Evolve has teamed up with Caring for Cambodia (CFC) in an effort to help those in need in the impoverished Southeast Asian country.

“This is actually part of our Evolve Community Outreach Program,” explains Amir Khan, an Evolve member who recently challenged for the ONE Lightweight World Title in Singapore.

“As athletes and instructors, we raise awareness, we inform all of our students, and we put a bucket at each [Evolve] location and they can donate medical and school supplies for Caring for Cambodia.”

In 2003, after visiting the country, Singapore-based American Jamie Amelio established CFC, a charitable organization whose goal is to increase school retention and provide a life-changing, world-class education.

Two years ago, CFC started a Christmas drive with Evolve, where they collect donations of everyday essentials for learning, hygiene, and health. After a number of weeks, those donations are sent to the children of Cambodia.

“When Evolve was first started, we had a mission to touch lives and change lives,” says Richard Wee, Evolve’s Community Outreach Program Coordinator.

“Some of the lives we are touching are the children. This program of donating the essentials will definitely touch the lives of the next generation of Cambodian children.”

Vanessa Moore, Development Officer of Caring for Cambodia and Evolve member, echoes those sentiments.

“Many of them don’t even have shoes, are hungry, do not have appropriate school supplies, [and] do not have first aid and hygiene kits,” she adds.

This year’s drive, which ended on Wednesday, 26 December, yielded the biggest donations since Evolve first started the program in 2016. That could be credited to more locations to contribute, as well as more awareness spread by Evolve's competition and instructor team.

“It’s been incredible,” Moore continues.

“Two years ago when we did this, we got over 10,000 dollars’ worth of donations, and this year, it is definitely more. Sometimes, I would come [to Evolve] and there would be three bins full nearly every day I came to pick them up.”

All of those donations will support over 6,600 impoverished children in 21 schools in Cambodia.

The holiday drive may be over, but any help would be welcomed on any day of the year. You can learn more about CFC and how you could help through their website.