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Friday’s S'pore stipes’ report highlights


GENERAL CONATUS: Jumped awkwardly; slow to begin; difficult to settle.

GOLDEN DRAGON: Crowded on jumping.

STAR RAINBOW: Jumped awkwardly outwards; bumped.; the veterinary surgeon reported that Star Rainbow returned with blood in his right nostril. Upon scoping, it was confirmed that the blood did not originate from the lungs.

WINNING STAR: Bumped on jumping.

DANNY: Bumped on jumping.

GREYSTOKE: Steadied inwards; overraced; rolled inwards; steadied; raced keenly.

READY FORTUNE: Steadied when momentarily crowded.

FAITHFUL WARRIOR: Bumped; steadied.

JADE WIN: Attempted to obtain a marginal run at 800m; bumped; crowded; checked. A veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned as a roarer. The veterinary surgeon also advised that Jade Win had previously undergone corrective surgery for this condition.

CAN'T TOUCH ME: Bumped; turned inwards.


POWERFUL FIGHTER: Lame near-fore and was withdrawn.

ASSERTIVE LAD: Bumped on jumping.

GOLDEN STAR: Bumped on jumping.

GRANDS TIME: Carried inwards.

EASY WINNER: Slow to begin; raced poorly.

LIVE HAPPY: Slow into stride. Jockey T Affandi reported that Live Happy was not striding out freely.

MOONBEAM DAZZLER: Taken outwards; hung outwards.

POWER KING: Carried wide.

POWER LION: Raced wide.


LION BAROWS: Jumped awkwardly outwards; rolled inwards.

BEAUTIFUL WORLD: Carried outwards; difficult to settle.

GALLANT HEIGHTS: Bumped on two occasions.

SPLICE: Shifted inwards when racing tight.

MILITARY TACTIC: Shifted outwards; bumped.



GALAXY EXPRESS: Slow into stride; laid outwards.

SPINNING SUCCESS: Became unbalanced after being bumped.

ACCOMPLISHED: Bumped; steadied when crowded; apprentice T See was reminded of his obligations to ride his mounts out fully to the finish.

BENJI'S EMPIRE: Raced keenly; laid outwards.

TURANGAWAEWAE: Rolled inwards; brushed.


POTLUCK: Carried wide.


GOLDEN DOMINATOR: Slow to begin and showed no pace throughout despite the urgings of his rider.

RICH BORN: Got his head up after being eased.

REAL GOODMAN: Steadied outwards.

DOS EQUIS: Hung inwards.

DISCO: Cast both fore plates.


SWEET LODGE: Jumped outwards.

CHINESE CULTURE: Carried outwards.

GOLD HILL: Raced wide; had a tendency to overrace in the backstraight.


TAFFETAS: Bumped on jumping; taken outwards to obtain clear running.

FOREVER LUCKY: Bumped on jumping.


TOUCH OF GOLD: Before the correct weight was declared, jockey D Beasley requested to view the race video before lodging an objection. After viewing the video, he believed that there was insufficient grounds to lodge the objection and the "All Clear" was declared; bumped inwards; shifted outwards to obtain clear running; made contact; eased.

BAZINGA: Slow to begin.

SILVER AND GOLD: Bumped; raced keenly; steadied when racing tight.

ONE SMART CAT: Bumped; proved very difficult to settle.

CODIGO: Steadied.

CORONET PEAK: Bumped; made contact; laid inwards.

GILT LAD: Cast both fore plates.


SPEEDY CAT: Slow into stride; steadied when crowded; held up for clear running over the concluding stages.

WHAT NOW: Slow into stride; bumped and carried wide.

HOT GOLD: Slow into stride; held up for clear running over the last 50m.

SICHUAN RULER: Jumped awkwardly outwards; laid outwards; shifted outwards and became awkwardly placed; steadied and changed course to the inside.

BORN TO FLY: Eased when crowded.

SIR LOVESALOT: Taken outwards; checked outwards; bumped; a veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned lame off-fore.

NATURAL NICE: Steadied; raced wide.

RED BEARD: Laid inwards under pressure for a majority of the straight.

SAVANNAH DANCER: Eased when crowded. Jockey M Nunes reported that Savannah Dancer was not striding out freely. A veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned lame off-fore.


LUCKY TWENTY THREE: Jumped away awkwardly; made contact.

MAGNIFICENT KID: Made contact.

WOMBAT FLYER: Bumped; jockey L Allpress was reminded of her obligations to ride her mount out fully to the end of the race.

SARAWI: Bumped; carried wide; apprentice T Rehaizat reported that Sarawi was not striding out freely.

BEVERLY HILL: Jockey S John reported that Beverly Hill was not striding out freely; confirmed by the vet.


OZYMANDIAS: Slow to begin.

FARETTI: Bumped on jumping.

ZEDKAAR: Bumped on jumping; raced wide.

BEAT TO QUARTERS: Jumped awkwardly outwards; made contact.

WARSPIRIT: Made contact; apprentice WL Tan reported that Warspirit was not striding out freely.


SUPER SHADOW: Laid outwards.

Leal out for two race days

At the conclusion of an inquiry on Thursday, jockey V Leal pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding over his handling of RON in Race 9 on March 2.

It was establshed that, passing the 300m, he allowed his mount to shift inwards, when insufficiently clear, resulting in A's Victorious having to check.

Leal's suspension will begin tomorrow until Sunday (two Singapore race days). He was advised of his right of appeal.

Brown queried on Super Junior

Jockey C Brown, when questioned regarding the run of SUPER JUNIOR in Race 6 on Friday, said that the gelding never travelled well at any stage and, despite being placed under pressure in the early part of the straight, the gelding commenced to give ground.

He added that he became concerned near the 300m when Super Junior became uncoordinated in his galloping and thereby he eased his mount out of the race.

His explanation was noted.