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'Herstory' made by Great Eastern Women's Run participants

About 600 turn up at Singapore Sports Hub to set record for first mass women's IPPT

Close to 600 women made history and "herstory" at the Singapore Sports Hub on Saturday (Aug 24), when they took part in the first Great Eastern (GE) Women's Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).

They set a record for the first women’s mass IPPT, entering the Singapore Book of Records for this feat.

Comprising three components – push ups, sit-ups and the 2.4km run – the GE Women’s IPPT is a non-competitive fitness assessment to help participants gauge their fitness levels, set achievable fitness goals and track their progress.

With a point system adapted from the standards used by servicewomen, participants who obtained 51 points or less over the three stations were given a "good" grade, while those scoring 75 points or more received a "great" grade.

All participants were also rewarded with a limited-edition GE Women’s IPPT tote bag and $10 Starbucks gift card upon completion of the IPPT.

Cheering them on were three of Singapore’s leading fitness trainers Natalie Dau, Wany Misban and Roxanne Gan, who had come up with a series of strength-and-conditioning exercises to help participants train for the IPPT and the GE Women's Run on Nov 3.

Registration for the Great Eastern Women’s Run is still open. For more information, visit: www.greateasternwomensrun.com


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