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Pick your MMA fighters and earn points in ONE Fantasy game

ONE Championship has announced the launch of ONE Fantasy, a game which be available to Android and iOS users via the ONE Super app.

Mixed martial arts fans will get the chance to participate in ONE Fantasy alongside every ONE Championship live event.

Players use assigned credits to add ONE Championship athletes to their "fantasy team" and rank them based on the likelihood of them winning their upcoming match. 

Players will then earn points via the ONE Fantasy point-scoring system whenever one of their chosen athletes scores a victory. Higher points are earned when athletes finish in an earlier round. The higher an athlete is ranked in the "fantasy team", the higher the points multiplier.

Players can follow score updates for their team in real-time on the ONE Super app while the event is going on, and they can compare their final scores and global ranks with players from around the world.

A "How to Play" guide will be available on the ONE Super app.