Rumford the lion

He entered the tournament without a European Tour win for six years and Australian Brett Rumford remembered it was as if he was "starving".

The affable 36-year-old world No. 97 was describing what it felt like in the build-up to last year's Ballantine's Championship, which he went on to win.

"It's like a well-fed lion. It's been well-fed and it rests for three or four days. It still needs food, but it's a different beast," Rumford said.

"Nine days later, it's down and it has a different chase. After a few days, it still has the chase, but not the same intensity.

"But you get to the starving point, the need to kill is to survive and it is a completely different beast.

"It has all the same tools, all the same characteristics, but it is a hunting, killing machine."

This week at The Championship at Laguna National, however, Rumford says he is "somewhere in between a well-fed lion and a hungry one."

Meanwhile, South Korean golfer Kang Sung Hoon's motivation to win is entirely different.

The 26-year-old world No. 306 said: "I would love to do well this week, but all the people in Korea right now are depressed with the Sewol ferry disaster.

"I will just do my best and get my best result. Hopefully, it can serve as a consolation for them back home. I will continue to pray for the souls of the departed."

As the official isotonic drink of the competition 100PLUS and F&N Ice Mountain, the official drinking water, will quench the thirst of the field of golfers and guests of the event.

"We are delighted to be a part of The Championship especially in a year when F&N celebrates its 130th anniversary," said Jennifer See, general manager, F&N Foods Pte Ltd.