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A small taste of 'GetActive! Singapore' week

Over 1,000 participants yesterday got a taste of what to expect in the second edition of the "GetActive! Singapore" week, which will take place from July 29 to Aug 9.

At Sentosa's Palawan Beach and Palawan Green, participants were given the opportunity to try their hand in sports like ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, athletics, football and an outdoor adventure race.

The inaugural GetActive! Singapore event last year included the biennial Singapore National Games (SNG), which attracted over 1,000 participants across 21 sports.

The SNG is not part of this year's calendar and will return in 2018.

Despite that, there will still be a competitive platform for Singaporeans this year in the form of the National Corporate Games, National Masters Games and National Youth Games, which will feature up to 24 sports.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, who participated in several games yesterday, said: "This year, there are more sports catering to different interest groups.

"Also, we have the Corporate Games, which I think is a great idea. It's a good way of bringing different races and backgrounds together, socialise and live better through sport.

"We had a very good start last year, when we saw many people stepping forward, either to participate in sports they like best or just trying something new.

"That's the whole idea of (GetActive! Singapore)... To allow Singaporeans, for that 10 days before National Day, to come and celebrate it through sports."

The "GetActive!" sports festival, which reached out to over 350,000 people in open spaces in the heartlands last year, will expand to Sentosa Island this year, with the venue on board as a partner to host some festival activities, programmes and sports competitions. - SAZALI ABDUL AZIZ