Premier League star shows off expensive car, but did he choose the wrong time?

There’s nothing wrong in showing off your new ride.

But timing plays a part in how well it’s received.

For example, being seen in a photo of yourself standing beside a £330,000 ($676,000) Lamborghini Aventador following a 4-0 defeat to Aston Villa is not such a good idea.

Sunderland’s Steven Fletcher, who reportedly earns £28,000 a week, got blasted on Twitter for doing exactly that.

And scoring seven goals in two seasons doesn’t help either.

One tweet read: “Here’s Steven Fletcher showing us that 17th in the league gets you a Lamborghini Aventador, & a Bentley Super-sport.”





What’s unknown is when the picture was taken.

What’s undisputable is that Sunderland are struggling. They are currently 17th on the Premiership table, one point above the relegation zone.

Oh, and that looks like a Bentley Supersport (worth about £160,000) in the background, in case you’re wondering.

Source: Express and Star

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