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CK Ng gets four more days, Zyrul and Woodworth also suspended

Apprentice jockey CK Ng, who was suspended for three months until April 1 for failing to ride with sufficient vigour and determination on Mate Story, has copped another four Singapore race days for careless riding.

In Race 5 on New Year's Day, he permitted Satellite Star to shift inwards near the 800m mark, leaving insufficient racing room for the runners to his inside.

That resulted in crowding on Hippo Ventura, Hee's Forte and Ultimate Killer, having to be checked and almost fall.

His latest suspension will be from April 2 to April 14.

Fellow apprentice N Zyrul was suspended for two Singapore race days for careless riding on Gingerman in Race 4 at the New Year's Day meeting.

Zyrul pleaded guilty to permitting his mount to shift inwards near the 1,000m mark, when not fully clear of River Superstar, resulting in that horse having to be checked. As Zyrul is riding on Sunday, his suspension will be from Jan 7 until Jan 13.

Jockey Benny Woodworth, too, will have to sit out three Singapore race days, from Jan 7 to Jan 18, for careless riding on Goodfellas in Race 3 on Dec 9.

It was established that inside the 1,000m mark, he permitted his mount to shift inwards to a point when there was insufficient room for Metacross, who had to check.

The stewards accepted that an effort was made to try and relieve the pressure. However, on this occasion, the effort was too late.

Kranji trackwork


RACE 1: Shenbao 37.6.

RACE 3: Natural Impulse (I Saifudin) 40.1.

RACE 4: Carnelian * (M Lerner) canter/36.7. Bounceback Ability * (M Zaki) canter/36.7.

RACE 6: Cassis Oolong * (Zaki) 37.1. Top Banana 37.1.