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Guide To Kranji Trackwork

CLASS 2 - 1,100M

Zac Kasa (JP van der Merwe) barrier/35.2. Constant Justice barrier/36. Lim's Dream barrier/36.2. Elite Power (R Maia) barrier/35.2. Gingerella (N Zyrul) barrier/37.6. Altair (K Hakim) barrier/35.2. Surpass Natural barrier/34.7 H. Aramaayo (M Kellady) barrier/36.3. Eye Guy 36.2. Siam Warrior (V Duric) barrier/34.9.

CLASS 3 (1) - 1,200M

Lim's Magic barrier/37.3. Quarter Back (L Beuzelin) barrier/35.4 H. Beau Geste (Hakim) barrier/36.7. Hugo (S Noh) barrier/35.7 H. Elite Conquest (M Lerner) barrier/36.6. Siam Royal Orchid (Beuzelin) barrier/35.2. Arc Triumph(I Saifudin) barrier/35.1 H. Harbour Approach (S Shafrizal) barrier/35.4. Chocante (K A'Isisuhairi) barrier/37.2.

CLASS 3 (2) - 1,200M

Dragon Duke (B Woodworth) barrier/36.3. Lim's Zoom barrier/37.2. Blitzing (A'Isisuhairi) barrier/35.2 H. Asgard Massif canter/35.6. Kiss Your Song (Kellady) barrier/37.2. Trapio (Beuzelin) barrier/35.3. Bluestone (Maia) barrier/35.4.

CLASS 4 (1) - 1,200M

Charger (Lerner) 35. Governor Of Punjab 40.1. War Pride (N Zyrul) barrier/37. Elite Silverghost (A'Isisuhairi) barrier/35.6 H. Bushido (Beuzelin) barrier/35.4 H.

Lincoln County (Woodworth) barrier/37.3.

CLASS 4(2) - 1,200M

Legend Rocks barrier/36.9. Rule The World (Kellady) barrier/36.9. Just Landed (R Munger) barrier/36.4. Born To Win 35.

CLASS 4 (1) - 1,100M

Sacred Don barrier practice/36.3. Super Invincible (Duric) barrier/34.7 H.

Headhunter (Lerner) barrier/35.2 H. JR Malone (Hakim) 39.4 H. Lim's Passion barrier/37.5. Zero To Hero barrier/35.9. Always Innocent (Kellady) barrier/36.1. Kiwi Kid (Lerner) barrier/37.4. I Am The Star (M Ewe) 33.5. Lord Justice barrier/36.7. I Am Beautiful (Shafrizal) barrier/35.7. Extra Win (Saifudin) barrier/35.6.

CLASS 4 (2) - 1,100M

First Chief (Lerner) barrier/35.7 H. First Choice (Lerner) 35.1. Royal Pavilion 37.3.Lim's Force (T Rehaizat) barrier/39. Vulcan (Kellady) barrier/ 35.5 H.

CLASS 5 (1) - 1,200M

Carnelian 37. Happy Lucky Star barrier/36.7. Hosayliao (Duric) barrier/36.1. Diamond Mine (WH Kok) barrier/38.8. Spirit Seven barrier/38.6.

CLASS 5 (2) - 1,200M

Lim's Rhythm (Hakim) barrier/36.1. Smash (CK Ng) barrier/37.1.

CLASS 5 (3) - 1,200M

Less Is More (Lerner) 37.9. Amazing Choice barrier/37.4. Pegasus Junior 35.2.

CLASS 5 - 1,100M

Drone (Shafrizal) barrier/36 H. Tingle Marc (Munger) barrier/36 H. Elite Saint (M Nizar) barrier/36.5 H. Fountain Of Fame (Nizar) barrier/36.6. Vesontio 38.2.

MAIDEN - 1,200M

Solid Cash barrier/36. Declare War (M Ewe) 34.8. Fast And Fearless (A'Isisuhairi) barrier/36.5. In The Black barrier/37.1. Barbarian barrier/37.5.


Fort Mustang 37.9. Gold Rush (Munger) barrier/36.8. Miracle Fast pace work. Travis (J See) barrier/36.6. Cassius (Saifudin) barrier/37.1. Donlikeyou (Ng) barrier/37.2.


Kharisma (Duric) barrier/35.6 H. Sky Eye barrier/35.9 H. Loving Babe (J See) barrier/37.4. Happy Friday (Woodworth) barrier/36. Twelfth Night (Lerner) 37. Marcus Antonius (Merwe) barrier/36.7.