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Guide to Kuala Lumpur trackwork


Class 3 - 1,400M

YESTERDAY: Sattar canter/44.8

TUESDAY: Desire Sky barrier practice/39.9. Larson 37.5. Song To The Moon 39.4.

Class 4 (A) - 1,200M

TUESDAY: Callixtus 37.4. Oriental Spirit 37.6. Time To Invest canter/36.9. Taffetas H 36.7. Redoubt canter/pace work. Kulim Wings 44. Golden Kingdom canter/pace work. D'Great Star 38.4. Provocateur canter/39.2.

Class 4 (A) - 1,700M

TUESDAY: First Light canter/38.5. Za'eem barrier/35.7. D'Great Rise canter/37.4. Uluru 37.6.

Class 4 (B) - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Russell The Crowe 37.4.

TUESDAY: Harveywallbanger canter/38.4. Heracross 37. Kaswar pace work. Orient Express galloped. Kala Ghoda galloped.

Class 4 (A) - 1,400M

YESTERDAY: Atlantic Arrow 38.5. TUESDAY: Bella Veloce 38.4. Keng Mak Mak 37. Metagross canter/38.8. Walking Thunder H canter/39. Rebel Fury 40.9. Pacific Mystical canter/41. Rainbow Fish barrier/36. Beijing Star canter/pace work. Muhen canter/39.3.

Class 5 (A) - 1,100M

YESTERDAY: D'Great Strike canter/39. Washington canter/44.

TUESDAY: Zhuhai galloped. Super Dragon 37.9. Kuttner 36.7. Khudawand 40. Major Green pace work. D'Great Song canter/39.8. God's Fate canter/36.1. Determinetostrike canter/41.

Class 5 (B) - 1,100M

TUESDAY: Elite Rocket barrier/35.4. Elf's Dream canter/38.3. Elegent barrier/35.4. Barker Road Kid pace work. Zolved canter/38.2. Lining Together 37.

Class 5 (A) - 1,400M

TUESDAY: Lim's Keyway canter/36.2. Fledgeling canter/39. Bounceback Ability pace work.

Class 5 (B) - 1,400M

TUESDAY: Arecibo canter/39.7. Elite Gustavo barrier/35.7. Lim's Battle galloped. Anak Warrior 39.9. Super Woman pace work. Open Maiden - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Bamsi Bey canter/39.7. Make Dream canter/39.7.

TUESDAY: Andre canter/40. Deebaj pace work. Let's Come On Baby 40. The Swan pace work.


Supreme A - 1,600M

YESTERDAY: Rising Glory 39. Black Thorn H 43.3. Gloria Maris 38.9. Shoqeet H canter/37.

TUESDAY: Ready To Force canter/37.6. Mr Hopkins canter/39.5. Target canter/39.9. Gloria Maris 37. Selangor Star canter/35.1. Shanghai Nights canter/40.5. Splendor canter/galloped.

Supreme A - 1,100M

YESTERDAY: Showboy canter/36.6. Buenos Aires canter/pace work.

TUESDAY: Distinctive Darci canter/37.2. Tannhauser 42.7. Super Winner canter/35. Violet 37.1. Stick Seeker 39. Golden Tycoon canter/40. Galileo's Approach canter/43.2.

Class 3 - 1,400M

YESTERDAY: Lim's Pershing H canter/38.8.

TUESDAY: God Helps Me canter/37.3. Ebraz canter/36.1. Moment Of Justice 37.8. Nevertheless 37.

Class 4 (A) - 1,200M

TUESDAY: Peer Gynt barrier/35.7. Crazy Dreams barrier/35.7. Trust And Honour canter/36.5. Lai Heng Heng barrier/36.

Class 4 (A) - 1,400M

TUESDAY: Star Invincible H 36.8. Grasswood Star canter/40. Aussie Eagle canter/36.9. Luck Mak Mak 37.

Class 4 (B) - 1,200M

TUESDAY: Vetri barrier/35.5.

Class 5 (A) - 1,100M

YESTERDAY: Gabbar canter/38.8. Broke In London galloped. Sand Bank 39.7. Tilsworth Mali 37.8.

TUESDAY: Run The Day 38.3. D'Great Duchess 37. Mighty Phoenix canter/43.6. Catapult canter/37.3.

Class 5 (B) - 1,100M

TUESDAY: Miracle Wei Wei canter/pace work. Bukit Subang 36.7. Trumps Up 39.4. Believe It Or Not 38. Ready To Star canter/39.5. Lady Boss canter/pace work.

Class 5 (A) - 1,400M

TUESDAY: Calm And Tranquil canter/38.3. Ideal Guide galloped. Trinity Elite 38.7. Easter Mate canter/38.9. Jet Twenty canter/38.4. Black Is Power canter/42.5.

Class 5 (A) - 1,800M

TUESDAY: D'Great Swift canter/39.8. First Passthepost canter/38.9. First Success 37.6. God Of War canter/40.3. Jeffrey canter/38.7.

Open Maiden - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Sleepy Joe 40.3.

TUESDAY: Champion King barrier/35.3. Maymun pace work. Nasseb 35.2. Artemisia Of Caria 39.7. Window Of Time pace work. Agni canter/38.3.