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Guide To Malaysia Trackwork


CLASS 4 (A) - 1,100M

Tuesday: Time To Invest * 39.4. Sena Seventeen canter/38. What A Boss 39.4. Crazy Dreams 38.2. Harveywallbanger Keng Mak Mak 37.6. Trinity Spirit gallop. Speedy Demon 41.3. Tarzan 36.

Wednesday: Nova Ranger canter/40.7. Fighting Warrior * canter/38.5. High Tensile barrier/37.2.

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,100M

Tuesday: First Command gallop. Baadshah gallop. Horseh38.6. Metagross canter/37.6. Elite General canter/39.2. Ground Attack 37. Southern Dragon canter/43.4. Black Mamba 41.3.

Wednesday: Supreme Star 43.5. Create Abundance canter/38.5. Russell The Crowe canter/pace work.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,100M

Tuesday: Mr Mosa canter/41.8. Ghost Affair 39.2. Powerful Fighter canter/44. Khudawand 36.2. Elite Conqueror canter/39.2. Yulong Honor39.

Wednesday: Vain Tycoon * canter/38.5. La Familia canter/38.5. Trinity Lad pace work. Rakama 39. Kuttner 43.9.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,100M

Tuesday: One Force 40.7. Dune Saga pace work. Flash One canter/40. Happy Box Six canter/38.2. O'Reilly's Dancer canter/38.6.

Wednesday: Condado * 40. D'Great Win canter/38.5.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,100M

Tuesday: Ideal Guide canter/pace work. Tarzan Boy canter/36.9.

Wednesday: Marea Negro 43.7. Mr Wolff pace work. Pure Spark barrier test/36.4. Trinity Honor pace work. Sand Bank barrier practice/37.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Gordon G canter/38.9. Sha Na Na 37.3. Happy Ghost 38. Nova Spirit gallop. Beijing Star 38.2. Trinity Revival 38. Catch Me Great * canter/39.5. Talisman 38.2. Lim's Master canter/37.7. Satellite Golden canter/43.6.

Wednesday: Luck Mak Mak * 36.6. I Am Midas 41.5.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Come And Take All 40.7. Calm And Tranquil canter/38.2. Trinity Flying 41.3. Street Of London 38.2. Burbank canter/41. Asian Tiger canter/38.6. Elite Rocket canter/43.

Wednesday: Ichika Bachika canter/40.7. Street Of London 37.7. Smiddy Byrne barrier practice/36.6. Winning War 44.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Wow canter/38.2. Nova Phoenix 37.7. Mighty Phoenix 38.5. Trinity Up 41.4. Frances 38.9. What canter/40.4.

Wednesday: Majulah barrier practice/36.9. Sparkle Lot canter/43.4. Burgundy Heights 44.2.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Excalibur canter/46. Alan canter/43.4. Miracle Wei Wei 38.5. Smart Master 38.9. Relic Warrior canter/pace work. Emperor Warrior canter/41.

Wednesday: Bukit Subang 41. Believe It Or Not 37.2. Barker Road Kid pace work.

MAIDEN - 1,200M

Tuesday: Sun Coin canter/37. Flash canter/40.1. Watch The Throne canter/38.7. Kyo canter/38. Lim's Sphere * canter/40.6. Trinity Tarzan 38. God's Fate canter/38.2.

Wednesday: Trinity Royal 37.6. First Success canter/40.3.


BANDED (51-74) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Aragorn canter/39.7. Sacred Surfer canter/pace work. Terms Of Reference canter/pace work. Arif canter/41.3. Astra barrier/36.2. D'Great Bullet canter/pace work. Flying Baby barrier/36.2. Anonymous canter/41.2.

Wednesday: Calvados canter/pace work.

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Elusive Emperor canter/41.2. Sunny Star barrier test/37.3. Emperor Taizong 36.6.

Wednesday: Awatere canter/pace work.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Louey Veloce * canter/40.9. General Qin * 36.5. Tun O'Reilly canter/pace work.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M

Tuesday: Streets Of Fire 44.7. General Cheng * 38.1. D'Great Chance canter/pace work. Hallelujah canter/37.3.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,100M

Tuesday: America Tycoon canter/39.8. Mirotic barrier test/37.8. L'Ken canter/41. Seckill canter/pace work.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1 ,100M

Tuesday: Mystical Star canter/40.2. Big Super canter/41.8. BM Power 40.1. Rich And Smart barrier/37.3. Golden Coin canter/40.8. Heart Feeling 44.7. Shredder barrier/36.2.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,100M

Tuesday: Parisbas canter/39.1. Gridiron barrier/37.3. Our River Dancer canter/pace work. Satellite Turbo barrier/36.9. Supreme Sasso canter/39. Golden Explorer canter/pace work. Mr Right canter/pace work.


Tuesday: Shen Long barrier/37.3. Law By Law barrier/37.8. Martello barrier/37.3. Golden States barrier/37.7. Air Combat barrier/37.7. Glenafton canter/pace work. Emki Empress canter/41.3. Gold Seal canter/41.8.

Wednesday: Yellow Jade Horse pace work.