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Guide to yesterday's Penang trackwork


BANDED 62- 89 - 1,300M:

Slow work: Golden Sword. Arif.

Tuesday: Royal Ruler canter/37.5. Magic City * canter/pace work. Aragorn canter/pace work. Golden Tycoon canter/38.8.

BANDED 38- 61 - 1,700M:

Slow work: Tongariro. Jacks Secret.

Tuesday: Tongariro * 40.8. Follow The Wind pace work. Jacks Secret canter/39.9.

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,200M:

General Tycoon * 36.1.

Slow work: Diamond Set.

Tuesday: Awatere canter/pace work. Amistad * 38.8. D'Great Opulent canter/pace work.

Slow work: Diamond Set *.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M:

Unchained Melody pace work.

Slow work: Funkadelic. Tun O'Reilly.

Tuesday: Ragnar canter/37.5. Streets Of Fire * 44.6. Tun O'Reilly canter/pace work. Cape Lincoln pace work. Destiny Knight pace work.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,400M:

Slow work: General Qin. Mystical Star. BM Power. Germanic. Robben. Shredder.

Tuesday: General Qin * 41.1. Mystical Star * canter/pace work. Hallelujah * canter/41.6. BM Power 44.3. Germanic canter/40.7. Robben canter/pace work. Shredder canter/39.9.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,400M:

Slow work: Louey Veloce. Overseer. Rewarding Smile. Eastwood.

Tuesday: General Cheng barrier/36.1. Rewarding Smile * pace work. Fortyeight Queen canter/pace work. Eastwood * canter/40.5.

Slow work: Overseer *.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,400M:

Satellite Turbo H canter/38.6. Ghost Spirit canter/pace work.

Slow work: Heart Feeling. Equally Optimistic. Golden States.

Tuesday: Heart Feeling * canter/36.5. Equally Optimistic canter/pace work. Mr Whyte 44.1.

Slow work: Satellite Turbo *. Ghost Spirit *.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,400M:

Slow work: Windrunner.

Tuesday: Windrunner canter/pace work. Supreme Sasso * canter/pace work. Baymax canter/39.9. Magic Ranger barrier/36.1. Black Ghost pace work. Megusto barrier/36.1.

Open Maiden - 1,100M:

Martello canter/pace work. Gold Seal canter/pace work.

Slow work: D'Great Chance. Emki Empress. Air Combat

Tuesday: D'Great Chance * canter/pace work. Strong Man 44.2. Mr Right pace work. Emki Empress canter/39.9. Mamamia Mamamia trot/pace work. Air Combat canter/44.3.