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Kuala Lumpur trackwork


MG1 - 1,600M: Indian Jade 39.2. Volcanic General * 41.6. En Lauder barrier practice/38. Mr Armstrong * 39.2. Sea World canter/.40. Ghost Hana * canter/37.8. Taffetas canter/41.2. The Omega Man canter/40.8. Pachelbel's Canon 37.9.

ELITE B - 1,200M: Ghost Hana * canter/37.8. Ghost Emperor 42. Super Five canter/39. Battle Horse canter/41.2. Street Of London 42.1.

Class 4 - 1,200M: Captain Jazz 37. Lucky Dapper 41.2. Badcoe barrier test/37.8. Mister Miyagi 37.8. Remember Me canter/38.2. My Power canter/41.2. Zhuhai 40.2. Spin Fire barrier test/37.8. D'Great Rich canter/41.8. Trumps Up canter/38.4.

Class 4 - 1,200M: Germanic 41.2. Totality canter/37.6. Tarzan Boy 37.7. More Power canter/39.9. Panda Bomb * 41.6.

Class 4 - 1,200M: Aloha barrier test/37.8. Magical Banker 42.2. Wenona's Legacy canter/40.

Class 4 - 1,200M: Talisman 43.6. Birralee Road 37.8. Twodollarmuppet barrier test/37.8.

Class 5 - 1,200M: Blademeister 44. D'Great Wall canter/40.2. Chino Diablo canter/39.9. Joe Swiper canter/41.8. Just Duit 44.2.

Class 5 - 1,200M: Little Lion canter/39.8. Lucky Sixtysix 38.7. Shahpur Jat 40. Goldhill Princess canter/42. No Nonsense barrier practice/35.6. JP Regis 41.8. D'Great Victory 43.

Class 5 - 1,200M: Dragon Walk canter/42. Don'tcallme Uncle canter/43. Bail Out barrier test/36.7.

Class 5 - 1,200M: Rise Up The Rank canter/40. Will Be Better canter/39. My Touch * barriier practice/35.6. Buzz Man canter/44.8.

Class 5 - 1,600M: D'Great Surprise barrier practice: 36.7. Swan Song canter/40.7. My Beauty barrier practice/37.2. Air Power canter/40. Black Tristar canter/38.7. Flying Ahead 41.8. Cirrus 40. Little Man barrier practice/37.2. Perfect Fixer canter/39.9. Super Eightythree 40.4.