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Kuala Lumpur trackwork


RACE 1:Tuesday: Lonesome Me 41.2. Satellite Legend barrier/36.3. Rainbow Fish canter/41.7. Surprise Surprise 38.2. Dragon Walk barrier/37. Ghost With Luck canter/41. Dynamic Trio canter/37.8. Bowen Boy barrier/36.3.

RACE 2:Tuesday: Sandy Might * canter/40. D'Great Vulture canter/pace work. Shahpur Jat 40.8. Spirit Of Speed pace work. Little Lion canter/38.2. Rise Up The Rank canter/pace work. Just Vital canter/pace work.

RACE 3: Yesterday: Slow work: D'Great Rich *.

Tuesday: Charlies Missile barrier/37.2. One For All * canter/pace work. D'Great Rich canter/gallop. Amazing * barrier/35.5. Good Mummy canter/39.7. Aloha canter/42.

RACE 4:Tuesday: Ami Eleven canter/gallop. Uncle Polo canter/41.2. Lim's Mission canter/40. Delta Wing 38.7. Verglatica * barrier/36. Jet Ace gallop. D'Great Wall canter/pace work.

RACE 5: Slow work: Stick Seeker *. The Millionaire *.

Tuesday: Ghost Hana * canter/37.8. Bright Life canter/39.9. Metier Star canter/38.8. Ghost Emperor barrier/36.2. Taffetas canter/40. Mr Paulandre * canter/40.8.

RACE 6:Tuesday: Just Duit 38.7. Satellite King 40.6. D'Great Ares canter/41.6. Lim's Charge canter/41.8. Lim's Mirage * canter/40.8. Flying Ahead * canter/39.

RACE 7: Elf's Dream * canter/pace work.

Tuesday: Lim's Admiral canter/40.8. D'Great Eminence canter/40. Bukit Subang * pace work. Elf's Dream canter/pace work.

RACE 8:Tuesday: Sea World canter/39.8. Real Mean * canter/38.7.

RACE 9: Lee Bank * canter/42.8. Magical Talent canter/pace work.

Tuesday: Pachelbel's Canon canter/pace work. US Dollar barrier/36.2. Righteo * barrier/36.3.

RACE 10:Tuesday: Street Of London * 38.5. Polo Boy canter/41.8. Sacred Spin 37.8. Germanic * 38.1. Sharon's Star trot/pace work. More Power canter/40. King Roulette 42.

RACE 11:Tuesday: No Nonsense * barrier/37.2. Unme 42. Augusta canter/gallop. Vagabond canter/41.8. Gold Star Princess canter/40. Buzz Man canter/40.8. Easy Ahead * barrier/36.6. Bull And Bear canter/41.6.