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Kuala Lumpur trackwork


CLASS 3 - 1,200M

Trinity Grace 40.2. Sattar barrier/37.3. OK Kid canter/pace work.

Slow work: Taffetas. Race For Fame. Panca Delima.

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,200M

Nova Ranger 40.5. Winged Foot canter/pace work. Ashhab * 38. Sena Sixtynine canter/38.

Slow work: Platoon.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M

Mr Mosa pace work. Astro Man pace work.

Slow work: Lucky Master. Paltrow. Totality.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,600M

D'Great Swift canter/pace work. D'Great Win 39.2. Nevertheless 37.2. Sparkle Lot canter/41.6. JJ Star * canter/39.2. Tarzan 40.6. Rainbow Fish * canter/pace work.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Street Of London 39.1. Sand Bank canter/38. Ashqar * 37.9. D'Great Luck canter/39. Trumps Up canter/pace work. Immortality 43.6.

Slow work: Satellite Golden.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Asia canter/gallop. Neversaynever 38.3. Good Deal canter/42. Gordon G canter/gallop. King Cobra 37.3. Bukit Subang * 39. Sgfifty pace work. Big Century 41.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,200M

Smiddy Byrne 37.9. Mai Darko canter/pace work. Silver Power pace work. Super Dragon 41. Catapult canter/pace work. Burgundy Heights canter/39.

Slow work: Karigara.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,200M

Good Vibrations canter/pace work. Air Power canter/pace work. Nova Eagle canter/pace work. Barker Road Kid 40.5.

Slow work: Sparkler. Elegent. Will Be Better.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,600M

Lincoln City * canter/37.4. Mewtwo gallop. Jeffrey canter/40.9. M Seven canter/41. Mongolian Chief 41. Take A Bow 41.2. Wira Sakti * canter/38. Norman canter/41.8. Slow work: Verglatica.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,600M

Parisbas * 36. Golden Craftsman pace work. Street Champ 42. Red Eastern canter/38.6.

Slow work: Bullish Luck. Ramzes. Mr Miura.


METRO A - 1,200M

D'Great Conqueror canter/38.7. Showboy * 36.2. Hatta canter/38.9.

Slow work: Affleck *.

METRO A - 1,200M

Big Truck * canter/39.5. Ode To Joy 40.8. Inniminyminemow canter/35.8.

Slow work: Ebraz.

METRO A - 1,600M

Stick Seeker 43.4. L'Apprenti Sorcier 41.3. El Tordillo * barrier/37.3. Hussonator canter/40.7. God Helps Me canter/pace work. Mr Hopkins 37.3. Selangor Star * 37.6. Triple One Star canter/43.3.

Slow work: Royal Explorer. Sahaba.

CLASS 4 (A) - 1,200M

Sena Seventeen canter/37. Thank You Boss 40.2. Fusion Power 41.2. La Familia 38.2. Mise En Garde canter/39.6.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M

Gabbar 42.2. Swift Embrace canter/39.8. Listen 42. Sasa Lady canter/43.7. D'Great Song canter/pace work.

Slow work: Kita Teamwork *.

CLASS 4 (B) - 1,200M

Ghost Affair canter/39.8. D'Great Eminence canter/39. Voyager pace work. Goodfellas * barrier/37.6. Happy Buffalo * barrier/37.3. Pure Justice 40.5. Winterfell canter/pace work.

Slow work: Dahees

CLASS 4 (A)- 1,600M

Mr Paulandre 41.3. Sorbeta canter/pace work.

Slow work: Shadow Speed *. First Success.

CLASS 5 (B) - 1,200M

Immortal Legacy canter/pace work. Ready To Star 41. Alien canter/gallop. Fledgeling canter/pace work. Emperor Warrior canter/pace work.

CLASS 5 (A) - 1,600M

Lim's Bullet * canter/37. Lim's Keyway canter/43.9. Yes Bossy gallop. All My Eye canter/41.6. D'Great Magic canter/41. Merchant Marine * barrier/37.3. Sayang Me 39.7.

Slow work: Commodore Lincoln.