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Kuala Lumpur trackwork


Metro A - 1,600M: Iluminado * barrier test/37. Mr Armstrong barrier test/37. Listen barrier test/37. Bright Life canter/gallop. The Omega Man canter/gallop. Ghost Emperor canter/37.9.

Fortunique 41.6. Immortality 41.6.

Class 4 - 1,400M: Takeaim canter/40. Dancing Tsuru * 37.2. Mazandaran 36.8. Sacred Klass 37.8. Totality canter/39. Spin Fire canter/gallop. Good Mummy barrier test/37. Mogan's Pride canter/gallop. Red Sapphire canter/40.8

Class 4 - 1,400M: Happy Sixtysix 40. Prohibition canter/38. Jeram Village 39.8. Remember Me * barrier practice/36. Megusto canter/gallop. Perfect Run canter/gallop. Lim's Admiral canter/40.

Class 4 - 1,400M: Tarzan Boy canter/40. Kiss Me canter/38.2. Dekati 38.7. Eclipse Star canter/gallop. Lucky Sixtysix 39.9. Grand Show * 36.8.

Class 5 - 1,300M: Little Lion canter/44.2. Tilsworth Mali 37.2. Lord Of Shanghai * 37.8. Just Duit 42.8. Fledgeling canter/gallop. Rising Star 41.2. JP Summer pace work.

Class 5 - 1,300M: Ghost Ace barrier test/37. Dirac 37.1. Ace Surprise canter/pace work. Black Is Power 38.2. Lucostar * 37.8.

Class 5 - 1,300M: Turbo 42.4. Klever Warrior 39.9. Tavan Bogd barrier test/37. Prince Nano canter/37.8.

Class 5 - 1,700M: Reysha canter/42.8. Silver Man canter/39.8. Black Tristar canter/41.2. Paterson Road canter/40. Lim's Perfect canter/40. Ageless canter/gallop.

Class 5 - 1,700M: Cirrus canter/pace work. Duel Of Honour canter/41.2. King Faalcon * 37.8. Little Man * barrier practice/36.1. King Of The Creek canter/39.9. Perfect Fixer canter/41.2.

Open Maiden - 1,400M: My Power * canter/37.8. Condado 42.4. Rush-More 42.6. Semifreddo canter/37.5. Swan Song * 38.7. Steering barrier test/37. Wawa Master canter/40.8. Nova General canter/pace work.