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Perth home for retired duo

Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre pays for the school horses' passage through its horse retirement fund

Two school horses will now spend the rest of their days gambolling in a farm in Western Australia - thanks to the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre's (STCRC) horse retirement fund.

Pearl Monarch, 19, and Mighty Mcguyver, 22, left Singapore for Perth last Saturday to be cared by a family willing to adopt both horses.

In their new home at Woottating, the horses will be able to roam freely in the expansive landscape with their needs being taken care of by their new family.

The STCRC paid for the expenses to send the horses to their new retirement home, at about $25,000 per horse.

The STCRC horse retirement fund was set up this year to raise funds for the retirement of school horses.

This is through individual contributions, fund-raising activities and dollar-for-dollar matching contributions as part of entry fees for STCRC-organised competitions.

Pearl Monarch and Mighty Mcguyver are the first two horses to be retired by STCRC under the scheme.

The two horses were donated to the STCRC after the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010.

Both thoroughbreds were among the 38 horses bought from Australia by the Singapore Government to provide borrowed horses for the competitors in the Equestrian sport for YOG 2010.

Mighty Mcguyver was ridden by Carian Scudamore from Britain and was part of the Gold Medal team for the Team Jumping Competition.

Pearl Monarch was ridden by Sheikh Ali Abdulla M Alqassimi from the United Arab Emirates.

After the YOG ended, the 38 horses were distributed across the various riding schools in Singapore to improve the quality of the equestrian sport locally.

"Mighty Mcguyver and Pearl Monarch spent the past nine years at the STCRC working tirelessly to provide quality education to riders and the equestrian community," said the Singapore Turf Club.

"Throughout their years of service, they have taught many riders how to ride and joined competitions with some. Until recently, Mighty Mcguyver had been leased by individual riders."