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Powell out two months

Veteran jockey John Powell will be out of action until Jan 20 next year.

That, after he was found guilty of a charge under MRA Rule 44 (10) which meant he "failed to ride his horse to the satisfaction of the stewards".

The horse was Paparazzi and the occasion was Race 8 at Kranji on Nov 18.

The particulars of the charge being that, approaching the 300m, Powell elected to shift his mount in where there was minimal prospect of obtaining a clear run.

He subsequently had to check his mount severely to avoid the heels of Good News - the mount of apprentice jockey S Shafrizal - and Dutrow, who was ridden by apprentice N Zyrul.


Powell's decision not to come to the outside when approaching the 300m and take a run that was available to him between Dutrow and Robin Hood (CC Wong) was, in the opinion of the stewards, unsatisfactory given his experience and level of riding ability.

Jockey Powell explained that at the time he made his decision to shift in, Good News was starting to shift out in front of him but was then taken back in by Dutrow.

It resulted in him having to check Paparazzi severely due to no clear run eventuating.

This was evident with the benefit of reviewing the stewards' head-on video footage of the home straight.

Powell added that he clipped heels and almost fell and then, after the incident, did not ride his mount out as Paparazzi did not feel right in his action.

Subsequently, it was reported by the Veterinary Department after the race that Paparazzi had pulled up lame in the off-fore leg and had lost a near-fore shoe.

When deciding on penalty, the stewards were satisfied that Powell's decision to shift in approaching the 300m rather than shift out was a mere error of judgment but one that was considered to be blameworthy under the Rule.

Taking into account the nature of the charge, Powell's record and his personal circumstances, they suspended him from riding in races for two months with effect from Nov 21 to Jan 20 (both dates inclusive).