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Saturday’s Singapore Stipendiary Stewards’ report highlights

BIONICS (4th/$13)
When questioned about the gelding leading, as opposed to his most recent starts, jockey Benny Woodworth said that he had been instructed to attempt to go forward. 
But the stable had anticipated, with speed drawn to his outside, Bionics would settle better than midfield. After beginning well and when runners to his outside did not initially go forward, he found himself in front. 
Trainer Young Keah Yong confirmed the instructions. He said that the instructions had been similar at the gelding’s most recent starts, in which he had failed to show the necessary pace to go forward.
He added that, with Bionics down in class and with less speed, the gelding was able to take up a forward position.
The stewards noted his comments and reminded him of his obligations to inform them should there be an intention to vary the tactics.

HURRICANE (1st/$72)
When questioned about the improved performance, trainer Tim Fitzsimmons said that, at his previous start, the gelding was slow to begin and did not appreciate the kickback when racing at the rear.
He added that he had removed the winkers, which he believed resulted in Hurricane beginning well and being able to take up a forward position which suited the gelding.

LUCKY CHARM (4th/$8)
When questioned, jockey A’Isisuhairi Kasim could offer no explanation for the performance.
He said that the gelding travelled extremely well in an advantageous position outside the leader. But, when asked in the straight, the gelding failed to find the line. 

FREE FALLIN’ (last/$17)
When questioned about the performance, jockey Matthew Kellady said that his mount travelled well in the early and middle stages.
But, near the 1,000m mark, he shifted out to give his mount clear galloping room. 
But, when the pace steadied and Tigarous, who was racing to his outside, went forward near the 700m mark, his mount was immediately off the bit and did not respond when asked.
The vet reported that the horse returned lame off-fore and as a roarer. The vet added that the gelding had undergone corrective surgery for this condition before.

TIGAROUS (6th/$12)
When questioned about the performance, jockey Bernardo Pinheiro said that, after beginning awkwardly from the wide barrier, he had to race wide without cover.
He felt there was no opportunity to take up a position behind runners. When the tempo slowed passing the 800m mark, he allowed his mount to stride forward, but the gelding raced one-paced to the line.

When questioned about his riding, with particular reference to his vigour in the straight, apprentice jockey Krisna Thangamani said that he started to ride his mount along from the 600m mark and placed the gelding under strong pressure in the early part of the straight.
But, when racing close to Helushka near the 200m mark, he rode his mount hands and heels from that point. 
The stewards accepted the evidence tendered by Krisna and his master, trainer Ricardo Le Grange, but they advised Krisna to ensure to place his mounts under significant pressure where possible.

The newcomer bounded high on jumping. This resulted in Pinheiro striking his head on the superstructure of the barrier and the gelding lost ground.

HUGO (6th/$30)
When questioned about the performance, jockey Marc Lerner said that his mount travelled fairly throughout and failed to respond when asked in the straight. 
He felt the gelding was not suited by the slow tempo.

Returned lame off-fore. 

GOLDEN TIGER (5th/$17)
Pinheiro reported that the gelding did not appreciate the quick back-up, having raced seven days ago, and was very one-paced throughout.

When questioned about the improved performance, trainer Desmond Koh said that the only explanation he could offer was the gelding appreciated the step-up in distance.
ANYWAY (6th/$24)
Exhibited signs of respiratory distress after the race. 

When questioned about the significant increase in the body weight of Surpass Natural, trainer Mahadi Taib said that the gelding was resuming from a lengthy spell and had built up in condition.
He added that the gelding was working well and he was satisfied with his barrier trial. He felt the horse was forward enough to race.