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Shadow Of War sounds warning

Kranji trackwork

SHADOW OF WAR was a beaten favourite last start when attempting a hat-trick from as many starts but chances are he will recoup the losses on Sunday, opening day of the Singapore 2017 racing season.

Prepared by newly crowned champion trainer Alwin Tan, the promising three-year-old worked with gusto at Kranji yesterday morning, reeling off 600m on the Polytrack in 37.3sec.

The Australian-bred gelding finished so full of runing that his rider let his mount travel until deep into the backstraight.

Shadow Of War won his first two starts with consummate ease and was backed to $9 on Dec 2. But he was a trifle unlucky in that two other speedsters, Mastermind and Super Warrior, went up to ding-dong with him.

Although Shadow Of War won the speed duel, the swift tempo benefited Red Dawn, who got up to win by two-and-a-half lengths. Red Dawn also had a 3kg pull in weight over Shadow Of War from a previous-start defeat.

On the way he sizzled yesterday, Shadow Of War looks hard to beat in Sunday's Race 3.

Several other horses also caught the eye yesterday morning, namely MAREA NEGRO (Race 1 Sunday), JUPITER GOLD (Race 10 Sunday), NOVA SPIRIT (Race 3 Monday) and debut winner ACE KING (Race 8 Monday).


Gallops by horses engaged on Sunday and Monday


RACE 1: Marea Negro *(D David) canter/35.5. Parker canter/37.5. Special Force (MM Firdaus) 35.6. The One 37.5. Ashqar *(CC Wong) 37.5. Q Nine Maxim (I Saifudin) canter/38.1. Bordeaux canter/40.2.

RACE 2: Hephaestus 41.2. Major Advancement *(G Boss) 39.6. Siam Gemstone 36.8. Tarzan 38.6. War Story *(J Powell) 37.3. Success Come True 36.1. Matsuribayashi (M Zaki) 36.8. Makanani (David) 36.2.

RACE 3: Eatons Gold *(CK Ng) 34.8. Hello Michelle 38.8. Shadow Of War ** 37.3. Effortless *(M Kellady)) 37.4. Elite Takes All *37.9. The Cosmos 35.3. Mettlesome 38.3. Honest Truth 40.6.

RACE 4: Alan (Boss) canter/36.3. Best Jade (Ng) 37.9. Perfect Prize pace work. Archer Company 40.1. Golden Mile (M Rodd) 37.9. Born A Fighter *36.9. Master Banger 42.3. Mr Blossom (WS Chan) 36.6.

RACE 5: Military Alliance (Z Syed) 41.9. Racing Talent (Boss) 39.2. Voyager 35.7. Natural Nice (J Powell) canter/40.2. Sing Express 41.1. Good Lucky 35.9. Aladdin 38.4. Lion Wave pace work/43.

RACE 6: D'Buffalo Man *(Rodd) 37.8. Supernova canter/37.5. Turquoise King (Boss) 39.8. Savage Storm 40.6. Little Big Man canter/36.9. O'What A Feeling *(Kellady) 37.3. Zeus Warrior *36.5. O'Reilly Bay canter/37.3. Giorgio 38.3.

RACE 7: Across The Sea (David) 34.8. Beat To Quarters 36.8. Highlight 37.3. Good Mission 37.2. Oasis Spur 40.7. Bonjour Bob 36.3. Cassis Oolong pace work.

RACE 8: My Lucky Strike *(Rodd) 38.1.

RACE 9 (NEW YEAR CUP): Perfect P *(Juglall) canter/35.6. Cooptado (Firdaus) canter/35.6. Bourbon Goldman canter/37.3. Bring Money Home (David) 35.2.

RACE 10: Shanghai Bund *36.8. Toliman (Rodd) 37.9. Jupiter Gold ** canter/35.6. Elusive Emperor *(Firdaus) 35.6. Iking 37.3. Groenewegen 38.6. Storm Trooper *(David) 36.1.

RACE 11: Show Far Show Good canter/38.1. Tales Of Summer 44.7/38. Lim's Elusive *41. The Jeuneyman *(I Saifudin) 37.4. Billy Mojo (Z Zuriman) canter/37.3. Davinci 40. Rum N Raisins 39.7. Euro Zone canter/36.2. Any Rumour (I Azhar) 41.6. Queen's Seven canter/gallop.


RACE 1: High Street canter/38.9. Dayuan 37.3. Holy Thomas 36.6. Land Below D Wind *(J Powell) 37.4. Golden Coin 38.4.

RACE 2: Banda Sea 34.7. Elite Emperor (WS Chan) 38.6. Majulah canter/38.2.

RACE 3: Return To Justice *35.4. Pentagon *(S Sam) 37.1. Arr Flair 43.2. Anghiari (G Mosse) 37.2. Nova Spirit ** 38.1. Platoon (Z Zuriman) canter/37.5. Major Improvement (Y Salim) 38.

RACE 4: Clutha Lad canter/41.5. Toobigtofail *(Zuriman) canter/37.6. Big Guardian *36.8. Commodore Lincoln 37.4. Amistad 35.7. Pinyin 40.8.

RACE 5: Barnato (B Vorster) 36.7. I've Got A Feeling *(Powell) 37.7. Exquisitely Sweet *38.6. Satellite Boy *37.3. Hongchen (Chan) 38.2.

RACE 6: Creamy Custard (M Kellady) *37.6. Nova Ranger 38.6. Super Ace 35.4.

RACE 7: Golden Curl 39.2. Ghost *(Chan) 38.8. Elite Star *(Kellady) 36.9. Board Walk (Juglall) 36.8. Iron Man *(Vorster) 36.9. Hero I Am *(Kellady) 39.9.

RACE 8: Sun Scraper (CC Wong) canter/39.9. Moon Charm *36.9. Red Rackham (Sam) 38.6. Ace King ** (Firdaus) 35.5. Southern Dragon *(Juglall) 35.6.

RACE 9: Kam's Comet (David) canter/36.1. Storm Troops *(Juglall) canter/35.8. Mycaptainoblivious (H Syafiq) 39.1. Hip Hip Hooray *(Boss) 39. Sister In Law *35.3. Viviano *canter/36.1. Pioneer Seven (TH Koh) 40.6. Ode To Joy (Firdaus) canter/35.8. Ares 38.3.

RACE 10: A Lot In Hand (CK Ng) 37.4. Cool Cat 38.3. Invincible Man 37.1. Unsurpassed 35.6. Barnburgh Lad pace work. Super Joy (K A'Isisuhairi) 38.9.

RACE 11: Aramco *(Powell) 37.1. Quicksilver *(Juglall) 36.9. Sun Thunder (Wong) 36.6. Astrospeed 42.9.

Ipoh trackwork (Dec 29)


RACE 1: Luck Dragon * 36.4. Jackwin 40. Great Prince 40.

Slow work: Enlighten Knight, Iwa Antilia and Balboa.

Pace work: Emperor Qian Long.

RACE 2: Luck Success * 38.8. Brave Malala * 38.9.

Slow work: Right Timing and Lightning Thief.

RACE 3: Small Tiger 39.8.

Pace work: Lightning Rod. Slow work: Bukit Bintang and Gold Coast Captain and Time To Shine.

RACE 4: Pace work: Super Boss.

RACE 5: Costner 40.2. Berni Dancer * 35.4.

Slow work: I'm Kool.

RACE 6: Due Home 43.2.

Slow work: Classic Arrow and Mayweather.


RACE 1: Kaiser 41.8. Serpico 39.2. Magical Ten * 38.

Slow work: Hennessy Dragon and Little But Fierce.

RACE 2: Hello Sayang 38. Allied Marine 39.2. Avanti 38.8.

Slow work: Street Tease.

RACE 3: Candy Crush 36.8. Sugar Baby * 36.3. Acoustic 44.2.

RACE 4: Tilsworth Freddie 43.2. Classic King 37.2.

RACE 5: Slow work: Intention and Drogba.

RACE 6: Fraajilstic 37.2.