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Trio suspended for careless riding

Jockey Mark Ewe has been suspended a total of six Singapore race days for two careless riding offences on Sunday.

Apprentices WS Chan and S Shafrizal also copped four and five Singapore race days respectively for similar offences.

When deciding on the penalties, the stewards took into account the riders' records, guilty pleas and the degree of interference and carelessness.

Ewe was charged over his handling of Race 9 winner Charger and Oxbow Sun in Race 10. He shifted in when insufficiently clear on both horses, causing others to be checked.

Ewe's sentences will run consecutively. He will be out of action until Aug 4.

Chan pleaded guilty to careless riding on Special Rain in the opening race. His action interfered with the runs of two horses, Astra and Luck Mak Mak.

As Chan had been engaged to ride on Friday, his supension will be from July 13 to July 18.

Shafrizal's careless riding on My First Million in Race 2 resulted in War Frontier to be checked severely. This also caused severe crowding to Emperor Taizong.

Shafrizal's five-day suspension runs until July 28.