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Vorster bags one for Le Grange

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Jockey Barend Vorster was rapt he had his first winner for Ricardo Le Grange on the board on Sunday.

The two men have been behind a glut of winners - probably around 500 from Vorster's overall haul of 708 winners - during the Patrick Shaw era when Vorster was the No. 2 (behind the likes of Johnny Geroudis, Mark du Plessis and Robbie Fradd) and then No 1 rider in the last five years.

Vorster had relocated from South Africa to Singapore in 2003 and Le Grange was Shaw's assistant-trainer from Day 1.


But TERMS OF REFERENCE's win in the $60,000 Class 4 Division 2 race over 1,200m was Vorster's first win for Le Grange since he became a trainer in his own right.

After Shaw decided to take a six-and-a-half-month sabbatical beginning last December, Le Grange stepped up to helm the yard.

He had two winners on Jan 2, Southern Dragon and Storm Troops, both ridden by Nooresh Juglall.

Juglall also rode SONG TO THE MOON to victory in Sunday's Race 7 for Le Grange, bringing his tally to 4 wins.

Vorster, who turned 40 on Dec 31, has not been left out of the scoresheet into the New Year either, with the Laurie Laxon-trained debutant Aotearoa opening his 2017 account on Friday, but saluting for Le Grange bore a special meaning to him.

"It's good to get one win under the belt for Ricky," said Vorster.

"This horse has a bit of class on his side, and although down in class, he was shouldering a bit of weight (57kg).

"It looked like he would win easily at the top of the straight, but the weight difference was a factor. Still, he fought on very well."

Outsider KEEN DRAGON (Derreck David) had only 52.5kg on his back and was not throwing in the towel yet as he worked his way back into the race on the inside after Terms Of Reference ($25) headed him at the 300m.

But Vorster had something else going for him, his wealth of experience in tight contests.

And he tapped into it to keep Terms Of Reference on the move and preserve a head margin on the line.

"Great ride by Barend, and it's also great for the owners Bernard Kantor and Mark Yong," said Le Grange.

"The horse was back in Class 4 and the drop back in distance also helped him. We also put the blinkers back on him and it's done the trick." It was Terms Of Reference's fifth win from 26 starts.

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The Year of the Rooster will be celebrated in style at the Singapore Racecourse with the running of the Fortune Bowl on Sunday, Jan 29.

To make it truly an occasion to remember, patrons can purchase a CNY Prosperity Package for their afternoon at the races.

The Package includes admission to the Marquee where guests will enjoy a delectable buffet lunch spread, complete with free flow of coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks, and a vantage view of the racing action happening on the turf just outside the Marquee.

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The CNY Prosperity Package is priced at $78 nett per person.

For purchases made before Sunday, Jan 15, an Early Bird Discounted price of $68 nett per person is now available. Group purchases of 10 packages will be entitled to a complimentary plate of "Yu Sheng".

In addition to the running of the Fortune Bowl, the club has put together a wide array of festive activities specially tailored for racegoers to usher in the New Year.

Traditional dragon and lion dance performances will be staged prior to the running of the first Singapore race to wish patrons an auspicious start to the New Year.

A pair of Gods of Fortune will go around the racecourse to distribute chocolate gold coins as a symbolic gesture of spreading prosperity.

The showcase of Chinese Zodiacs forecast by renowned Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, a perennial crowd favourite, will also be making a return.


Premium 2&3yo 1100m

71 Steel Cutter 58 (51) (3nzg A Scott-Sandy's)

--92 Cizen 56.5 (47) (3nzg Cecil Robert-Paint Emperor)

---353 Jabbar 56.5 (45) (3nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

---636 Bahar 56.5 (43) (3nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

5752 Porsence 56.5 (40) (3ag S Cook-S Cook)

484-5- Multiblue Tosca 56.5 (38) (3ag S Cook-Multi Blue)

449--4 Multiblue Shark 56.5 (37) (3ag S Cook-Multi Blue)

--0 Super Boss 56.5 (-) (3ag PK Leong-KK Yee)

C4 1100m

21-813 Baby Polo 59 (60) (7nzg Bonny Ng-Polo Racing)

-1253- Tilsworth Freddie 59 (60) (7eg N Azman-Ho Ho Ho)

-80903 Professor X 57 (56) (5argg S Hamilton-Tmen)

-107 Lee's Defender 54.5 (51) (4nzg S Hamilton-KH Lee)

5--222 Our Friendly Diva 54.5 (51) (9nzm Bonny Ng-SE Soo)

09-09- Sand Lane 54.5 (51) (8nzg HS Lim-G Chalam)Aragorn 54 (50) (3ag Cecil Robert-J & J)

-09090 Ghost City 53 (48) (5nzg Jerome Tan-Ghost)

C4 1100m

000693 Heart's Choice 59 (56) (6ag Bonny Ng-Polo Racing)

31--0- Drought 56 (50) (5ag S Hamilton-Bonaventura)

9-6711 Kaiser 56 (50) (8ag E Breukelen-M Nine)

-0--04 Multi Wealth 55 (48) (5ag S Hamilton-Oms)

7--862 Black Rain 54.5 (47) (9nzg Bonny Ng-SE Soo)

-3-819 Hussar 54 (46) (6amg Jerome Tan-Cat Racing)

618455 Mario Attila 53.5 (45) (7nzg A Scott-CS Tan)

3-5115 Zenidekka 53.5 (45) (9amm Jerome Tan-Julio Racing)

-0090- Ruffle The Ruffian 53 (44) (5am S Hamilton-Napshot)

C4 1400m

27322- Spin Fire 59 (58) (6ag A Scott-EH Hu)

12-431 Our River Dancer 57 (54) (6ag S Hamilton-John Galvin)

97-007 Mr Whyte 55 (50) (8ag Bonny Ng-HL Yow)

6-73-4 Tawqeet 55 (50) (4ag S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

21---9 Alfraaj 54 (48) (5nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

1-2183 Mr Victory 54 (48) (6nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

806891 Royal Explorer 54 (48) (4ag S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

1245-2 Aguero 53 (46) (6nzg T Asogan-Crown)

0-0-78 Home Run Hero 53 (46) (5ag Jerome Tan-Century)

056966 Mata Mata 53 (46) (5nzg Cecil Robert-Paint Emperor)

111785 Runforit 53 (46) (6ag Cecil Robert-PC Lee)

69-923 Acoustic 52.5 (45) (7ag E Breukelen-Ace Sixtysix)

-30001 Probably 52.5 (45) (5nzm Cecil Robert-Paint Emperor)

5-1886 Pretty Able 52 (44) (5am S Hamilton-CH Choy)

C5 1200m

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600442 Black Viscount 58 (41) (6ag Cecil Robert-J & J)

---043 Sacred Achiever 58 (41) (6nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

8300-0 Just Name It 57 (39) (6nzg E Breukelen-Ace Sixtysix)

406080 Royal Choice 57 (39) (3uyg Bonny Ng-JC Cheah)

600090 Glorious Wealth 56.5 (38) (4ag T Asogan-KP Lau)

--885- Magic Ranger 56 (37) (5nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

0--302 Storm Hero 56 (37) (6ag Bonny Ng-Northwest Racing)

-4-776 Cabrera 55.5 (36) (10ag Bonny Ng-Polo Racing)

-75203 Flaming Fireheart 55 (35) (6ag Jerome Tan-UNI)

652324 Victory March 54 (33) (6nzg Jerome Tan-Julio Racing)

---568 Vintage Verdot 54 (33) (4nzg Jerome Tan-Century)

992106 Lee's Melody 52* (24) (6am S Hamilton-KH Lee)

C5 1200m

620160 South Emperor 59 (43) (5amg Jerome Tan-Ghost)

85047- First Option 58 (41) (6ag S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

068809 Black Sequalo 57 (39) (7ag Cecil Robert-J & J)

605712 Molly Browne 57 (39) (5nzm Bonny Ng-JC Cheah)

--0099 Warn You Man 57 (39) (9ag Bonny Ng-HL Yow)

0-0-07 Green Tracer 56 (37) (8ag Bonny Ng-Northwest Racing)

979957 Mr Newman 56 (37) (5nzg S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

460-75 Bazinga 54 (33) (9nzg S Hamilton-HK Wong)

061452 Black Ahead 53.5 (32) (7ag Jerome Tan-Julio Racing)

457004 Anak Penang 52 (29) (5nzg S Hamilton-Anak)

254421 Money Not Enough 52* (27) (9mg HS Lim-Super King)

--8349 Moonbeam Dazzler 52* (27) (6ag Jerome Tan-UNI)

335000 Lightning Queen 52* (17) (6mm T Asogan-KP Lau)

C5 1200m

800-03 Hacker 59 (34) (4ag S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

528008 Superb Seven 59 (34) (4ag Bonny Ng-JC Cheah)

88898- Fastnet Star 58.5 (33) (7ag Bonny Ng-HL Yow)

0--006 BM Power 58 (32) (5amm S Hamilton-Al-Arabiya)

-0958- The Professional 57.5 (31) (5eg Cecil Robert-The Professionals)

6129-6 Sky Walker 56 (28) (6amg Jerome Tan-Cat Racing)

7-0980 Lazaroo 55 (26) (11ag Jerome Tan-J & J)

--2700 Lucky Money 55 (26) (7nzg HS Lim-Super King)

--3507 Zac Gallant 53.5 (23) (7nzg S Hamilton-HK Wong)

956038 Good Code 53 (22) (9amg Jerome Tan-Ghost)

2447-3 Silent Dreams 52 (20) (5ag E Breukelen-DOC)

0-0993 Astroheat 52* (18) (6ag Jerome Tan-UNI)

423766 Zenidin 52* (16) (5ag T Asogan-Crown)