Safuwan: Pace of A-League 2 to 3 times faster than Singapore football

After making his debut for Melbourne City in a 0-3 loss against rivals Melbourne Victory on Saturday (Feb 7), Singapore's Safuwan Baharudin said that playing in the A-League is no walk in the park.   

In an interview after the game, the former Lions XII defender, 23, said: "It's totally different, intensity-wise. 

"The pace of the ball, moving from one end to another end, players running off the ball, these are top players in the league. 

"I've tasted a different kind of football in my country. (A-League) is probably 3 times or 2 times faster, I have to say."

Safuwan signed a three-month loan deal with A-League outfit Melbourne City last month after an impressive display during training stint with the club. 

He is looking to make the most out of his "dream" move, in the hope of earning an extended deal. 

Watch the video.

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