Moyes mourned


Celebrity fan Eamonn Holmes (on Twitter): Well looks like the obvious and sadly the right thing has happened. David Moyes to be sacked. I'm sure David Moyes is a nice man, but he just didn't understand our team and our players didn't understand him. This is the right thing. Can anyone seriously say that with the same players we would be in the same position if Mourhino had have been appointed? And to those of you who believe his first season was no different than Fergie's - what nonsense - this man inherited The English Champions. One of the reasons he kept his job so long was that too many football writers wanted a British manager at one of the elite clubs. Of course the players weren't motivated by him - neither they or us as supporters understood his game plan. He has to go because it was obvious things were never going to get better under him . Rubbish signings, rubbish tactics.

Paul Gent (Eurosport Yahoo! user): It was an awful job to take after SAF. In his defence he was way over his head, never a top rate manager. Everton have gone on after Moyes which alone proves he was never good. United players however have been awful this season, far too much money for players that are just not good enough. £72 million on only two players, far, far, far too much. He should have gone in January but he never got going and his players failed him. He will be back with a team more to his skill, but United need a top, top manager. Would you as the owners want him to have a £200 million transfer budget, I doubt the answer would be yes. Get a new top manager in the seat and allow him to stamp him own mark on the team. kick out all the dead wood, get rid of players who don't want to play for the team. Get rid of all the players who blackmail the club. And start again from fresh. Liverpool have done it, City have done it, and Chelsea have always done it. Winning, winning, winning mentality.