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Sunday's Singapore Stipes' report highlights


COOL CAT: Restless in the barrier.

GOLDEN ALONG: Restless in the barrier; jumped away awkwardly and made contact with HELLOLO; lost ground when slightly crowded.

PATERSON ROAD: Slow to begin.

GAZOO: Slow to begin; shifted inwards and away from PATERSON ROAD.

HAPPY FOREVER: Laid in; turned inwards and severely crowding MOOVA CASH, who lost ground; laid in and bumped PALOMBARO.

MOOVA CASH: Crowded onto KISS ME.

HELLOLO: Commenced to race keenly when being steadied.

KINGSLEY: Had to be steadied outwards after laying inwards and becoming awkwardly placed.

KISS ME: Momentarily held up.


SHABBAT: Fractious in the barrier; hampered; returned having cast near-fore plate; bumped on jumping.

UNIQUE ONE: Bumped on jumping; steadied outwards; became severely unbalanced when bumped; shifted out to improve. Jockey Saifudin was shown the film of the incident and warned to exercise greater care when shifting ground.

SUPER ENOUGH: Slow into stride.

MOON OF NEPTUNE: Jumped awkwardly inwards; shifted in.

PUBLIC FIGURE: Carried in onto MCCONAUGHEY; steadied.

MCCONAUGHEY: Jumped away awkwardly outwards.

SUPER ENOUGH: Jockey Munro became concerned with the galloping action of the horse and he eased his mount down. However when he had slowed his mount down to a canter, he appeared to be striding out freely. Veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned as a roarer.

ASTROHEAT: Raced tight for some distance; shifted in and away from PESCATORE; eased when crowded.

MR CALIFORNIA: Raced tight for some distance.

STOCK BROKER: Rolled outwards.

PESCATORE: Laid inwards; shifted in when racing greenly; shifted out abruptly.

KATONG PARK: Raced wide throughout; had difficulty obtaining a clear run.


TREASUREINTHEHEART: Prior to Race 3, trainer S Lam advised that his instructions to jockey M Kellady, if circumstances permit, refrain from using the whip as in his opinion, the horse resented the whip; jumped awkwardly outwards.

MEDIA CAPTAIN: Lost ground after beginning awkwardly; returned having cast near-fore plate; apprentice Zuriman, when questioned, stated that despite being slow to begin, he was able to obtain a position just behind the pace. However, MEDIA CAPTAIN failed to respond when placed under pressure.

BLACK FIERY: Bumped heavily; became unbalanced; jockey Brown, when questioned, stated that the gelding never travelled well and was disappointing when placed under pressure. Veterinary examination revealed that the gelding returned not striding out freely.

GOLDEN MISSION: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped; lost ground when crowded; got his head up after being steadied.

XIN TREASURE: Shifted in and away from GOLDEN RABBIT; Had a tendency to lay inwards and away from BENJI'S RULE.

CHILLI: Slow to begin.

MIGHTY CREATION: Inclined to lay outwards; raced wide.


EAST COAST PARK: Stood flat-footed and lost considerable ground; returned having cast near-fore plate.

DANE'S ANATOMY: Jumped away awkwardly; crowded; shifted out; rolled inwards.

HATHAWAY: Jumped inwards; proved difficult to settle; bumped inwards after attempting a marginal run; had to be eased after becoming awkwardly placed.

OCTIVIA: Jumped outwards.

ALASAMO: Got his head up when being steadied.

ROCK SHOW: Carried wider.

MIGHTY ASTROBOY: Had to be eased.

THREE WHIP: Returned having cast near-hind plate.


YOUNG LADY: Slow to begin.

SATELLITE PRINCE: Slow to begin; carried wider.

CASTOR: Jumped outwards and made contact with SINGSURAT; raced keenly; blundered; laid outwards.

MASURAO: Bumped on jumping.

SCOUT DONE: Bumped on jumping.

BARNATO: Proved extremely difficult to settle; got his head up on a few occasions.


SUPER VELOX: Found to be lame off-fore, withdrawn.

JAMIESON PARK: Bumped on jumping.

STYLISH LAD: Bumped on jumping; raced keenly and steadied.

LORD GRANTHAM: Jumped awkwardly outwards and made contact with EISHIN BRIGHT.

EISHIN BRIGHT: Shifted outwards and bumped MR VICTORY.

ON TWISTTER: Jumped awkwardly outwards and bumped LORD GRANTHAM; raced wide throughout.

JET COSMO: Jumped away awkwardly; held up; had to be steadied outwards.

MR VICTORY: Was giving ground and had to be eased; raced poorly.

TIGER TZAR: Laid outwards.


WALL STREET BOY: Began awkwardly.

NATURE IS NATURE: Jumped outwards and made contact with EMPIRE BAY.

LISTEN: Became difficult to settle, resulting in the rider becoming unbalanced; veterinary examination revealed that the gelding returned as a roarer.

INDICIO: Raced keenly.


YOU DA ONE: Prior to Race 8, trainer C Brown advised that his instructions to jockey I Santana, if circumstances permit, to ride in a forward position.

IRISH FLASH: Difficult to be loaded; slow into stride.

ABSOLUTELY: Raced keenly.

STAGE BRIGHT: Had a tendency to lay inwards throughout.


FAALTLESS: Slow to begin.

BLUE SWEDE: Slow to begin; inconvenienced; got his head up when difficult to settle; jockey Powell, when questioned, stated that after being slightly slow to begin, he settled his mount in a rearward position. Shortly after making the turn into the straight, he attempted to come to the outside to obtain a clear run but was unable to do so. He then attempted to take a run to the inside and placed his mount under pressure but BLUE SWEDE was disappointing and failed to run on.

ROOM FOR EXCUSE: Carried inwards.

DESERT FOX: Commenced to overrace and shifted inwards.

EASY MONEY: Crowded.

MARSEILLE ROULETTE: Had difficulty obtaining a clear run.

GOODMAN: Steadied.

WAR AFFAIR: Laid in under pressure.

RITE OF SPRING: Jockey M Nunes reported that RITE OF SPRING was not striding out freely.


GRAVLAX: Slow to begin.

GOOD BOSS: Bumped on jumping; had a tendency to overrace; shifted out.

FANTASTIC WARRIOR: Bumped on jumping; bumped onto GOOD BOSS.

MY BARBARELLA: Jumped awkwardly inwards.

AGENAIS: Bumped.

HIDDEN VENTURE: Steadied; proved difficult to settle.

MARCUSINO: Rolled inwards.


FUKU'S PET: Bumped; returned having cast off-fore plate.

MAGICAL SUNSET: Jockey E Aslam reported that the gelding had returned with the saddle having shifted sideways.




WAR LORD: Steadied when crowded; had a tendency to lay outwards.

MIA: Shifted out.

OTHELLO: Steadied when crowded.

SWISS BANK: Shifted in; hung outwards.

SATELLITE KING: Carried outwards.

SOON YI: Raced wide throughout.