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Police report made over ads misusing Schooling's name

A police report has been made after the name and image of Singapore swimmer Joseph Schooling were found to be misused on some websites.

The Schooling Company, which owns the Olympic gold medallist's branding and image rights, issued a statement on Saturday, after ads and articles claiming to reveal his "genius wealth strategies" surfaced on Facebook.

The 23-year-old swimmer's manager, Ronda Ng Doswell, said in the statement: "We have been made aware that there are several websites making use of Joseph Schooling’s name and image in their advertisements and 'news' articles.

"These advertisements and 'news' articles dispense financial advice that is not endorsed by Joseph. He has never spoken to these websites nor 'reporters'. This is false representation and a misuse of Joseph’s image and name."

Ng Doswell said that they were alerted to those ads and had screenshots sent to them. She added that they are unaware of how many such sites or ads there are. As Facebook allows selective targeting for advertising, ads can be made visible only to users of certain demographics.

Besides making a police report, Ng Doswell added that they are also alerting Facebook since most of the ads are found on the social media platform.

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