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Mariella Virata (Philippines NOC, former equestrienne and Asian Games medallist) ?

1 Can you describe your role in the Philippines NOC?

I'm the chef d'equipe. It's like a manager, so I take care of all the little details such as flights, accommodation, meals and transportation for our riders.

2 How is everything so far?

Okay, good, but there are always some glitches and little things that you always have to organise and manage. It's easier to be a rider, because you just concentrate on yourself rather than handling the whole delegation.

3 When did you compete?

I competed at the 1983 SEA Games here. I won a bronze medal in combined training, both dressage and jumping. Now the events are separate. Back then, we had to do both. I also won a bronze medal at the Asian Games, a long time ago in 1982.

4 Have you had time to catch the other sports?

The girls have watched football. We also watched the opening ceremony, which was really beautiful. That was incredible."


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