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Aussie PM and Victoria Premier in Grand Slam stand-off

Tennis players look to be caught in the middle of a simmering stand-off between the Australian government and the host state for January's Australian Open, after Victoria's Premier said he would not apply for permits to allow unvaccinated athletes to enter the country.

Daniel Andrews drew his line in the sand yesterday after Australian Prime Minster Scott Morrison had earlier opened the door to unvaccinated players, saying they could come into the country, providing they undergo a two-week Covid-19 quarantine.

But Victoria would need to apply for permits to allow the players to compete in the year's first Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne, and Andrews quickly made it clear that would not happen.

"On behalf of every vaccinated Victorian who has done the right thing, my government will not be applying for an exemption for any unvaccinated player," Andrews told reporters. - REUTERS