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Scaling new heights during lockdown

Two young girls in Italy took their tennis games to a higher level, despite a nation-wide coronavirus lockdown, as they staged a remarkable rally from the rooftops of neighbouring buildings.

The girls in the Ligurian town of Finale Ligure coolly managed a 12-shot rally featuring forehands and backhands during a 24-second video posted on Facebook last Friday by a local tennis club where the two are members.

Max Oliveri, whose 13-year-old daughter Vittoria is one of the rooftop players along with Carola Pessina, 11, told Reuters he captured the footage because her coach asked players to share a video of their training at home.

Naturally, a few balls during the practice session did not make it across. They bounced down onto a private road, where the girls' fathers put them in plastic bags their daughters had affixed to the end of fishing poles. - REUTERS