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VIDEO: What can't Beckham bend? A spoon? A golf club?

Can David Beckham bend anything?

Not quite. 

The 40-year-old soccer star was asked to put his bending skills to the test by People magazine, the same folks who recently crowned him the Sexiest Man Alive (sorry, Channing Tatum). 

So ... can he bend a spoon?


"That'd have been embarrassing if I hadn't been able to do that." 

Quite right, Becks.

How about a baseball bat?


Okay, here's a golf club. 

"Yeah, really?"

A second later, with golf club bending accomplished: "A waste of a golf club."

Okay, tough guy,

How about a tennis racquet, or a metal pole, or a wooden pole? 

(Sighing) "Wasn't Chris Hemsworth the last (Sexiest Man Alive)?"


"Thor? I mean, you're giving me these? I'm sure he could do this."

Beckham doesn't quite admit defeat, though. 

"So you know there is one other thing I can actually really bend ..."

Watch the video for the answer:



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