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Actor Chris Pratt denies involvement in Hillsong Church

LOS ANGELES - Actor Chris Pratt has denied ever being a part of the congregation of Hillsong Church, which has recently been facing controversy.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy star said to Men's Health magazine in its July/August issue, saying: "I've never actually been to Hillsong. I don't know anyone from that church."

The Austalian megachurch, which used to be popular among Hollywood celebrities, has been embroiled in controversy in the past year and has long been called out for being anti-LGBTQ.

Its Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston stepped down in March after he was accused of behaving inappropriately toward two women.

Pratt, 43, opened up about the hatred he faced on social media about his religious beliefs, which he claimed went back to a speech he gave at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

In his acceptance speech for the ceremony's life achievement honour, titled the Generation Award, he said: "God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you."

Even though he had posted on social media about his faith in the past, he said to Men's Health: "I didn't know that I would kind of become the face of religion when really I'm not a religious person.

"I think there's a distinction between being religious - adhering to the customs created by man, oftentimes appropriating the awe reserved for who I believe is a very real God - and using it to control people, to take money from people, to abuse children, to steal land, to justify hatred."

He added: "The evil that's in the heart of every single man has glommed on to the back of religion and come along for the ride."

Due to his beliefs, Pratt is often mocked and compared unfavourably on social media to other famous actors named Chris - Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pine (Captain Kirk).

James Gunn, director of two Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014 and 2017) films, said to Men's Health: "It absolutely infuriates me. Chris is unspeakably kind to people; he goes out of his way to help kids. He's an especially loving father.

"And there's a lot of stuff that people have literally just made up about him - about his politics, about who he is, about what he believes of other people, you know?"

Pratt and Gunn are reuniting for a third Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, which will open in May 2023.

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