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Cecilia Cheung shows what a star she is

Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer Cecilia Cheung is a star – and not just in her status as an artiste.

While recording a live stream recently in Hangzhou, China, the 43-year-old and the filming crew were plunged into complete darkness as the electricity got cut off during a terrible thunderstorm. 

Instead of kicking up a fuss, Cheung calmly continued the live stream, illuminated by the light coming from the crew members' handphones. She completed the remaining 15 minutes of filming without breaking a sweat.

However, the team was trapped at the filming location as the electric gates leading to the carpark were defective due to the power outage.

The filming crew called for help and, along with Cheung, waited for about 30 minutes to be let out of the premises. 

The team was eventually freed by workers who arrived with chainsaws to cut through the gates.

Cheung, who had waited patiently with the filming crew, thanked the workers for their help.

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