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Daisy Ridley making music with 'superstar'

English starlet Daisy Ridley is best known as feisty protagonist Rey and the breakout star of last year's sci-fi hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

But it appears the 23-year-old is as good a singer as she is an actress.

Details are scant, but Ridley apparently hit the recording studio on Feb 27.

According to her Star Wars director J.J. Abrams, she has "the most beautiful voice" he has ever heard and is recording with a "massive superstar".

Ridley told E! Online at the recent Oscars: "I can tell you everyone's guesses are way off. When J.J. said 'superstar', he meant a legendary, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping superstar. I'm being sent a picture (with my music partner) that may or may not be finding its way onto Instagram soon."

Judging from Ridley's recent Instagram post, is Barbra Streisand the superstar?



I'm gonna end this spate of pictures detailing my insane weekend with this... Ummmmmmmmmmmm...

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