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Movie Date: Point Break (NC16)

The reboot will be a fun ride for the guys but the girls may want to get off.

STARRING: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer, Ray Winstone, Delroy Lindo

DIRECTOR: Ericson Core

THE SKINNY: Young FBI agent Johnny Utah (Bracey) infiltrates a group of extreme sports athletes whom he suspects are the eco-terrorists behind some high-end corporate heists. While trying to gather evidence of their crimes, Johnny is sucked into their exciting world by leader Bodhi (Ramirez) and finds his loyalty tested.


Luke Bracey is my new man crush.

Hailing from Australia, he looks like a lost Hemsworth sibling but he is even more handsome than Chris and Liam.

He has got stronger features, with a proudly jutting nose, like a Hemsworth crossed with English actor Sean Bean.

Anyway, this version is not as good as the original Point Break (1991) starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze but very few flicks are. This reboot is more serious-minded. At times, it is practically grim.

The criminals here are eco-warriors on a mission to connect with Mother Earth and protect her.

In the classic movie, Swayze's bank robber was basically an existentialist, not an environmentalist.

The best thing about Point Break, aside from Bracey and his fabulous blond hair, is the scenery.

The mountains, the sea, the snow, the sand - it's nature porn.

There were moments when I was really caught up in the story and characters but the problem is there is little in the way of true humanity.

In one scene, Utah commits an act that will ruin a man, yet we see no real emotional or psychological consequences.

The original was rowdy but at times also surprisingly sensitive. Here, everyone is kind of impassive.

Its problem is the same problem found in many movies made over the past couple of decades - it has little feel for feelings.




Why bother with a remake?

To have a makeover, the new take has to be much better than the original.

But let's face it: How can anyone be better than the amazing Swayze-Reeves combo?

This Point Break just can't escape comparisons with that 90s cult classic.

Swayze and Reeves were huge contributing factors, and the plot made more sense.

Director Kathryn Bigelow also did a fantastic job behind the camera, since film technology 25 years ago wasn't as advanced.

Ramirez may be charming, but he doesn't have the late Swayze's X-factor.

Bracey, like Reeves, is not much of an actor, but no one can fight Reeves' magnetism.

What this new version is good at is taking movie stunts to greater heights - they are incredible and wonderfully captured.

While the original focused mainly on surfing, here, motocross, snowboarding, free climbing, BASE jumping, skydiving and wingsuiting feature. There is even an underground fight club.

However, focusing on stunts means the plot is traded off. Characterisation is also overlooked, and the message of protecting the earth came across as too preachy.

In the end, what you get is a slick promotional video for extreme sports, something you can easily find on YouTube.

THE CONSENSUS: The reboot will be a fun ride for the guys but the girls may want to get off.

Poster poser


What It Looks Like:

In the performance of his career, Michael Caine plays a wax figure of Michael Caine. From his nook at Madame Tussauds London, he looks out at the passing throng looking back at him, and ponders life's mysteries. It's super boring.

What It's Really About:

A retired symphony conductor (Caine) is invited to play at Prince Philip's birthday in England.

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