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M'sian actor chides people for their 'tight Baju Melayu', calling them 'brainless'

Malaysian actor Jaafar Onn has had enough of the younger generation “disrespecting” the Baju Melayu (traditional Malay clothing). 

The 71-year-old actor and television host posted on Facebook recently criticising the way some people wear the customary Malay outfit, which is typically worn on Hari Raya and other formal occasions. 

As fashion evolves, the Baju Melayu without a sampin (sarong worn on top of pants), or a slim-fit top and pants is slowly becoming a common sight – a salient departure from the classic style.

“Why do (some) Malays nowadays tighten the Baju Melayu that’s already beautiful with the sampin just to attract attention? Please comment,” he posted on March 31. 

On April 1, he uploaded another post saying, “If we don’t respect our heritage clothing, then who else will? Hence, new generation, please respect the Baju Melayu, complete with sampin and songkok (cap).”

Speaking to Harian Metro, Jaafar, said some of the changes made to the Baju Melayu eliminated the value of the traditional attire.

“If anyone visits my house with an incomplete Baju Melayu, I will definitely ask about their sampin and songkok. Don’t they make your Baju Melayu look better?” he stated.

“Are they brainless, or are they just not thinking clearly about this? Why the need for tight Baju Melayu? Who are they to change the creation?”

Though Jaafar did not name names, it’s believed he might also be referring to celebrity entrepreneur Aliff Syukri, who recently released a teaser on social media for his upcoming Hari Raya song and music video, featuring dancers and himself in skin-tight Baju Melayu.


Jaafar added: “Don’t ever think that you can do anything just because you’re rich. Don’t do weird stuff in the name of content creation. That’ll be your downfall.”

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