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Swifties sitting at ‘Cat 100’ treated to free chicken rice

Swifties braving the rain outside the National Stadium were treated to 200 free packs of chicken rice on the evening of March 7.

The owners of Feng Sheng Chicken Rice & Steamboat, a hawker stall in Short Street in Rochor, distributed the meals to fans of American pop star Taylor Swift at “Cat 100”, a term used to describe the outdoor area outside the concert venue where fans without tickets congregate.

Ms Tan Shi Yin, 37, a representative of Feng Sheng, told The Straits Times that they expected many Swifties would be skipping dinner to secure their spots at Cat 100 on the fourth night of Swift’s Eras Tour in Singapore, which started on March 2 and concludes on March 9.

“We figured that as a goodwill gesture to Swifties, we will give away chicken rice so they can still have a proper meal without leaving their spots,” said Ms Tan.

She added that Feng Sheng’s owners were moved by the devotion of Swift’s fans, adding that “we’ve been seeing a lot of news about people being cheated, and fans who want to go to the concert, but could not get tickets”.

Despite a downpour that started at 5pm and lasted for two hours, hundreds of Swifties still turned up to dance and sing along to their idol as the music could still be heard.

Mr David Wong and Ms Chua Kai Ting, both 27, arrived at Cat 100 armed with portable seats, umbrellas and their dog, Kiko. The couple, who bonded over their shared love of Swift’s music, attended the Eras Tour concert on March 3, but were back for more.

After receiving their packs of chicken rice, Ms Chua said: “We didn’t have dinner plans or anything, so it was just so nice to get this.”

“We’re breathing (Taylor’s) air right now,” gushed Liz Lau, a 13-year-old student who was sheltering from the rain as she received the chicken rice with a group of schoolmates from School of the Arts Singapore.

Feng Sheng co-owner Tong Chun Wee, 37, estimated that the giveaway cost the business at least $800. The initiative took four staff members, including himself, to pull off.

He said that although the giveaway was initially thrown off by the rain, he was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. “We know how much comfort a packet of chicken rice can bring to a hungry fan,” he added.

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