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Chantalle Ng says she's been sharing room with actress mum Lin Meijiao all her life

She finally plans to move (back) into her own room

Sharing a room with a sibling may have been the norm for most of us when we were younger. But few would admit to actually wanting to share the space with a parent up until our late 20s. 

Local actress Chantalle Ng, 28, is clearly an exception. 

She revealed on social networking app Threads last week that she has been sharing a room with her mum, veteran actress Lin Meijiao, 59, for most of her life.

She only recently made the decision to move into her own bedroom –  and not for her sake mind you, but her mum’s.

"Recently, I feel like my late hours are starting to disturb my mum's sleep and I've decided to move into my own bedroom," Ng wrote.

She also told 8world: "I always want to spend more time with my mum and chat (with her) instead of going to my room as soon as I get home, although sometimes she feels that I disturb her.

"My mother has hinted to me many times over the years that I should move back to my room, but I just pretend not to hear it. She would tell me to go to my room, and I'd just laugh and let her words go with the wind."

Ng’s post seemed to have paved the way for another local celebrity to reveal how they have shared rooms with family members into adulthood.

Model-host Jade Seah replied to her post: "I'm sure your mum will miss you (though she'd get better sleep haha)! I shared a room with my granny for so much of my life.

"When I moved out at 27, I think she was sad… but I was the one who cried."

Netizens meanwhile requested for a room tour once Ng was done decorating her new bedroom. 

Some even gave tips:

"Besides furniture, you can also shop for paintings to hang in your room or even (hang) posters of your favourite artistes," one comment read. 

"Move the feather girls in with you," another read, referring to Ng's pet chickens.

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