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K-drama Moving is an intriguing series that is worth your time

Moving (M18)

4 stars

Within just seven days of K-drama Moving’s release on Disney+, the fantasy-action series became the streaming platform’s most watched K-drama globally.

There was much hype for the show, which stars A-list actors Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung and Ryu Seung-ryong, even before it premiered on Aug 9.

Based on the popular 2015 eponymous webtoon by influential South Korean artist Kang Full, the plot revolves around super-powered individuals who were once spies for a shadowy South Korean government agency.

They are recruited because of their uncanny talents, such as the ability to fly, indestructibility and enhanced senses. However, when the missions become more dubious, these agents decide to go rogue and hide themselves from the world to protect their children, who have inherited their powers.

Here are three reasons to binge on the 17 episodes that have already dropped before the three-part finale on Sept 20.

1. Engaging story

Viewers are first introduced to three “gifted” high school classmates who are closely monitored by the mysterious principal who seems to have a hidden agenda.

These teen protagonists are the sweet and awkward Kim Bong-seok (Lee Jung-ha), who has enhanced senses and the gift of flight; transfer student Jang Hui-soo (Go Youn-jung), an athletic girl who heals instantly from any injury; and handsome class president Lee Gang-hoon (Kim Do-hoon), who has incredible strength and speed.

(From left) Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-jung and Kim Do-hoon in Moving. PHOTOS: DISNEY

As viewers become engrossed in the coming-of-age story in which the youngsters grapple with their powers, friendship, infatuation and teen angst, the tale takes a sharp turn when an assassin shows up to wipe out the super-powered beings.

And when the stakes get higher, Moving goes down memory lane to present the remarkable backstories of the main heroes – Kim Doo-shik (Zo), Lee Mi-hyun (Han) and Jang Ju-won (Ryu).

2. Sleek production

Moving has a reported budget of 50 billion won (S$51.3 million), making it one of the most expensive South Korean TV productions to date – and the quality shows.

The cinematography, for the most part, deserves to be enjoyed on the big screen. The ambitious action sequences are well-crafted and there are enough white-knuckle moments to keep viewers engaged.

There are several episodes where the violence gets rather graphic, but the delivery is effective.

3. Credible actors

Moving is not your run-of-the-mill superhero show, as director Park In-jae takes his time to flesh out each character’s story.

It may be slow-going at some parts, but the superb performances will stop you from hitting the fast-forward button.

Han Hyo-joo stars as Lee Mi-hyun in Korean drama Moving. PHOTO: DISNEY

While the younger actors are commendable, Moving belongs to the veterans, who deliver the emotional highs in their immersive character-driven episodes.

The romance between Doo-shik and Mi-hyun is tender, relatable and poignant, thanks to the dynamic chemistry between Zo and Han, who handle the complexities of their characters skilfully.

Ryu Seung-ryong stars as Jang Ju-won in Korean drama Moving. PHOTO: DISNEY

Ryu is a revelation as the Hulk-like gangster whose talent is to smash things up. Despite his tough demeanour, Ju-won is a giant softie. He, too, has a heartrending love story and Ryu scores full marks in those moments.