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K-drama star Jung Hae-in snaps wefies with fans at first fan meeting in Singapore

For the handful of lucky fans chosen to go on stage and receive a gift from Jung Hae-in at his first fan meeting in Singapore on Sunday evening, hugs and multiple wefies taken by the South Korean actor were the order of the day. 

The 35-year-old actor went above and beyond at the nearly 2½-hour event with 1,500 attendees held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Instead of using a photographer, Jung took the phones of fans who went on stage and personally snapped pictures. He even made sure to get multiple angles with different poses.

At one point, he invited an enthusiastic male fan, who had caught his attention with his loud screams, on stage to play ddakji – a traditional Korean game involving folded paper tiles – with him.

The K-drama star – known for series such as the gritty Netflix military drama D.P. (2021 to 2023) and “noona” (Korean for older sister) romance Something In The Rain (2018) – also prepared four songs for fans.

He sang D.P.’s theme song Crazy, French singer Carla Bruni’s Stand By Your Man and South Korean singer Lim Young-woong’s Grain Of Sand, ending the night with K-pop soloist Hyolyn’s sweet number, I Choose To Love You. 

For Stand By Your Man, from the Something In The Rain soundtrack, he appeared on stage with a red umbrella, an iconic prop in the series. 

Jung, who was last in town in November 2022 to promote the science-fiction series Connect (2022) at a Disney+ content showcase, seemed surprised at how passionate local fans were.

Midway through the show – part of his The 10th Season tour in Asia, where he revisits his 10 years in entertainment – he remarked: “Singapore Haeiness (the name given to his fans) are the loudest. Are your throats sore? Please drink water.”


THANK YOU MC FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY 딱지 WITH 형!!!!! and to everyone at my section for the endless support for me to be on stage !!!! #junghaein #viusingapore #viuscreamdates

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Singapore is the last overseas stop before he returns to South Korea for a final encore show. He reminisced about his dramas through clips of his performances and also showed off the costumes and props he used on set, such as his military uniform on D.P. and the long coat he wore in Something In The Rain.

Jung made his name as a versatile actor over a decade of work. He played a wrongfully accused inmate in the critically acclaimed black comedy Prison Playbook (2017 to 2018) and stole hearts as the dreamy younger boyfriend of actress Son Ye-jin in Something In The Rain.

More recently, he starred opposite K-pop girl group Blackpink’s Jisoo in Snowdrop (2021 to 2022) and was the lead in both seasons of D.P. (2021 to 2023).

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in singing Crazy, the theme song of his drama D.P. (2021 to 2023) during his fan meeting session at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on Oct 29. ST PHOTO: BRIAN TEO

When asked about his most memorable roles, Jung picked the North Korean character who died in Snowdrop.

He recalled: “I asked the director if we would film his death as the final scene on the final day of filming and he agreed. I remember leaving the set feeling sad and rueful.”

He added: “It was particularly emotional. I couldn’t stop crying even after the filming was over.”

When his topless scene from romance drama While You Were Sleeping (2017) played on the big screen, fans cheered loudly.

He shared: “I actually stayed dehydrated for about two days before filming that scene, it was as if I was a UFC (ultimate fighting champion) player preparing for a fight.”

Jung also jokingly mocked some of his own performances, such as that in the hugely popular fantasy romance Goblin (2016 to 2017). He played protagonist Eun-tak’s (Kim Go-eun) first love in the series. He has a scene where he suavely catches a baseball in mid-air to stop it from hitting her. 

“I can never get used to this scene. I find my acting a bit awkward because there’s no one in the world who can catch a baseball like that while standing so still,” he said.

Jung, who is known for more serious roles ranging in genres from science fiction to gritty action, hopes to do even more.

At a press conference held before the fan meeting, he said: “I have not tried comedy or a romantic comedy, so I would like to do that if given an opportunity.”