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Local artist pays homage to Orange Is The New Black

Fans of the popular Netflix TV series Orange Is The New Black as well as street art enthusiasts are in for a treat when they walk past the wall beside Bar Naked in Club Street.

Renowned local artist Yip Yew Chong has left his mark with a handpainted mural that features the show's diverse group of female characters serving time in Litchfield Penitentiary - with a Singapore twist.

Incorporating Yip's style of harking back to nostalgic Singapore, the inmates are depicted in familiar settings, doing what they always do, but in a local way.

Spot Red cooking chicken, while Pennsatucky hangs laundry on a bamboo pole.

Yip said: "I wanted to capture the diversity of the characters and storylines featured on the show... I wanted to also bring to life the stories of love, friendship, along with a wide array of emotions featured in the series."

Yip said he wanted his mural to complement the area.

"I always try as much as possible to make my murals blend in with the local neighbourhood."

He added: "The woodwork and doorways that stood along with a short flight of concrete steps leading into a five foot way inspired me to blend the prison into the surroundings. To add even more local flavour, I depicted well-loved Singaporean furniture and wares as part of the prison."



Completion required some immersion into the renowned series.

"It took me a day of binge-watching and visiting the site to soak in the atmosphere of the area where the mural was located. Sketching took a few hours a night and finally, two long weekend days to bring the mural to life.'

As for his favourite character: "Crazy Eyes! I think she makes for a very visually compelling character." 


Artist Yip Yew Chong with his Orange Is The New Black mural beside Bar Naked in Club Street.PHOTO: NETFLIX

The mural will be up throughout this month. Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black premiered on Netflix yesterday.